The Colour Psychology of Lilac


Today we’re exploring beautiful lilac.

If you are feeling a fear of moving forward, or you feel that you are not handling issues in a mature way, then you are experiencing the negative attributes of lilac. It also links to a feeling of not stretching your imagination, or considering your spiritual growth. It also connects to a feeling of not forgiving and not wanting to release old issues.

The positive aspects of violet are enthusiasm and being extrovert. It is also about being able to forgive yourself and others for past issues. It’s an exuberant colour though calming, and helps explore spiritual growth through contemplation and reflection.

So if you are feeling enthusiastic and glamorous, and you’re feeling flighty and exuberant, then you’re definitely experiencing the positive attributes of lilac!

How are you experiencing lilac? I look forward to your comments.

Have a colourful day.