The Colour Psychology of White


In today’s post we’re exploring the colour white- which isn’t technically a colour, but has colour associations when used in colour therapy and coaching.

When you are experiencing white in the negative, it’s a sign that currently things feel very stark and boring. It also links to being very critical and and unimaginative and relates to feeling very lost and isolated. White in it’s negative is about suffering¬†in silence with¬†a situation and stubbornly refusing to seek any support.

In it’s positive, white helps us seek purity and clarity. It is being able to be childlike in our curiosity and feeling comfortable asking innocent and perhaps naive questions. White helps us return to our childlike wonder and get back to simplicity. It is a colour of self sufficiency and represents new beginnings with a slate wiped clean.

How do you experience the colour white? Is it one you feel naturally drawn to, or do you avoid it? I’d love to hear how white works for you.

Have a colourful day!