When I feel that sticky, stagnant build up or I notice that I’m having more rows and disagreements than is usual for our family, or me or family members are feeling a little more sluggish, I make it a priority to do a quick cleanse to clear out any negative energy that has found its way into my home. It’s surprising just how often we connect in with negative energy- gossip, tv programmes showing high drama with arguments, toxic relationships with others, low quality food and drink. All of these lower our energetic vibration and can open us up to stale, negative energy. 

My quick 3 negative energy removals

My first go-to is sage smudging. I can’t tell you that I love the smell, but it’s a great antimicrobial herb which not only clears stagnant and stale energy but also keeps a check on any build up of infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungi. I usually put my sage in an abalone shell and have a beautiful peacock feather that I use to move the smoke around the room. I prefer to start by opening all the windows to allow the old energy out, then I start at the bottom of the door that enters the room and work my way around moving from the skirting board to ceiling, wafting the smoke and I prefer to work in a clockwise direction.

If I go a bit heavy handed on the sage, I can find I’m in a bit of a sage haze, but I know that it really gets to work on all those minute bacteria roaming around in the drafts from windows and doors, so it really does help to give everything a deep smudging.

My second go-to if I don’t have any sage is I use sound. I’m lucky to have Tibetan bells and singing bowls which I use in the same way as the sage and wait until I have a crystal clear resonance before moving to the next area. If you don’t have Tibetan bells or singing bowls you can use a saucepan and wooden spoon to ‘break up’ the energy or if this feels too jarring, clap your hands until you hear a clear, resonant clap rather than a dull one. Loud music can help too! I personally prefer bells or a singing bowl as they are far more harmonious sounds and create a really lovely ‘echo’.

My third go-to is decluttering. I check for any clutter as this is the signpost for negative and stagnant energy to say ‘hey, I’ll stay here!’. I have a particular ‘clutter point’ which tends to be the dining room table. It’s the dump point for bags, pens, clean laundry folding, junk mail, cups removed from the sitting room but in transit to the kitchen. So this is an area that I have to be particularly observant and take immediate action.

To keep on top of it I routinely observe what goes on that table. If it’s washing then the next person going up the stairs is tasked with taking it up to be put away. If it’s junk mail, it’s straight to the recycling bin, if it’s cups it’s a gentle reminder to whoever left them there to carry on their journey to the kitchen! I also learned a great tip to set a timer for 15 mins and focus totally on the declutter for 15 mins only. I’ve discovered that when I set myself a time, I motor through very speedily!

So what’s your favourite tip to remove negative energy from your home? Is there a particular method that you use that you find really effective? Leave me a comment below.

If you’re looking for a few more ideas on cleansing the energy for your home, go here.

Have a fabulously positive day!




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