About Me

Hi, I’m Lana, and I help people locate their insecurities, self-limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, and repeating subconsious patterns. I do this through the language of colour and energy tools.

I help people release and remove subconsious patterns and beliefs that are holding them back from their success, help them gain peace of mind through clarity and specific actions; eliminate stress, and help them develop an inner calm, irrespective of what’s going on around them.

I’ve had over 30 years experience helping people, starting my early career as a nursery nurse and falling into residential social work. I went off and qualified as a social worker and completed my Masters degree in Mental Health.

Across my years in social work I worked in a range of statutory and voluntary organisations.  I worked with people with learning disabilities, mental health issues, homelessness, advocacy & support and resettlement of people from long term institutional care to small community homes.

I moved into practice support of social work students and co-ran an independent care management & advocacy service within the local unversity and this led me into teaching & lecturing in social work, on social policy programmes,  nursing programmes and on mental health programmes.

As my academic career sky-rocketed, my romantic relationships failed miserably and I found myself in a very toxic and violent relationship which I knew was killing me emotionally and would lead to significant physical danger for myself and my unborn child if I stayed.

After my son was born I took the decision to leave the relationship and as a fresh start moved over 200 miles west to beautiful South Wales where my family originated. I ran the social work degree at Newport University from 2004  and in 2008 I was also promoted to Associate Dean for Learning & Teaching in the School of Health & Social Sciences, job sharing- the first management role of it’s kind to work as a job-share post.

As Associate Dean I was jointly responsible for the new Technology Enhanced Learning & Learning support team (TELLS) and helped staff transition to using online learning platforms. I was part of the University team which assisted Newport Social Services in developing the first Integrated Family Support Service (IFSS)  through using technology enhanced learning and evaluating their stages of development, and I’ve carried out reasearch for the Welsh Assembly for Wales, and the Care Council for Wales.

During this time in my life I also began my own spiritual growth and journey after developing a fascination and intersest of an array of spiritual modalities, moving me from being a staunch ‘scientist’ to exploring and learning about energy and healing systems.

Following redundancy from the University in 2011 and, having spent a number of years learning energy healing modalities such as Colour Mirrors, Reiki and EFT, as well as holistic & beauty therapies, I developed my own beauty and holistic therapy practice. However I became chronically ill six months into my new venture so all had to change again!

I was given a diagnosis of Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia, so I took some time out and started focussing on my own health and wellbeing. Several years on here I am thriving! I’m in a fantastic relationship which has gone from strength to strength. My health is considerably better and I’ve refound my passion and purpose!

I’ve attracted  and have supported hundreds of people over the years who have found themselves stuck, confused, and repeating the same health, romantic and career patterns which do not bring them joy and flow. Like you, I’ve been on the emotional rollercoaster too!

My role is to help you crystalise the root cause of the emotions that you are feeling, release it, and get back into a state of clear flow. Some of my client testimonials can be found on my home page, you’ll find more on my testimonials page.

If you are ‘stuck’, ‘going through the motions’, ‘depressed’, ‘confused, repeating the same restrictive actions and patterns and feeling like your self-worth has fallen through the floor, then you’re in the right place and you have a choice:

You can stay in that energetic state, or you can give me a call and  get you on your


Which are you going to choose?

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