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I love creating affirmations as I find these so helpful in improving and maintaining my health and wellbeing, especially when I am dealing with the side effects of medication. I have no doubt that affirmations have helped my physical, mental and emotional healing and ongoing wellbeing -especially so when I was first diagnosed with leukaemia.

It might sound a bit weird, but I actually love that I get the opportunity to create affirmations that are meaningful to me and help me in my wellbeing. It encourages me to look beyond my limitations, it inspires me to develop my optimism and positivity, and it enables me to put everything into perspective.

Using Affirmations to Heal Physical Conditions

Affirmations have been used for all sorts of things- to create success, to change worrisome thoughts, to reduce anxiety, to attract a certain energy, frequency or vibration to us. They certainly help the mind focus on opening up and out, and in doing so, increases optimism, joy, fun, peacefulness and happy!

Here are a few of my favourite affirmations that I’ve created that help me adjust to the side effects of the medication I take to manage leukaemia. If you’re anything like me I sometimes get a bit despondent about my health issues and so reading these picks me up and also helps me tap into gratitude. It’s easy to then sink into a sense of hopelessness so I find having these on hand to dip into when I feel the need means I can stay in a place of hopeful and happy. I hope you find them helpful to you.

My affirmations for healing a physical condition


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