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welcome to beginner’s tarot

Want To Read Tarot But Don’t Know Where To Start?

I totally understand, I’ve been there myself. There are so many cards, so many meanings, and so many card spreads that it can be really difficult to know how to start working with tarot.

I began my tarot journey 14 years ago and at the time there were very few courses around that could help me. I spent hundreds of hours searching the internet to get the mearnings of cards, the types of card spreads and how to interpret the cards.

These days there just isn’t the time to keep searching, and thankfully there are a lot more tarot courses around compared to 14 years ago.

And this course is one of them! I found that a lot of courses expected me to have a lot of knowledge about tarot before I began the course so I decided to create a course that is very much for you, the beginner.

So you don’t need any exprience or knowledge other than open mind to accept the insights that tarot will share with you.

Developing Intuition

Becoming A Tarot Reader

Like any subject, we all have to start somewhere to get an understanding and begin to apply it. You deserve a course that can fit in around you, and give you tarot knowledge and experience in small, straight-forward steps. So this course is specifically designed for you beginning to learn tarot and you can take it at your own pace and watch as often as you want.

Imagine being able to pick up any set of tarot or oracle cards and be able to instantly read them.

What about being able to wow your family and friends with accurate insights to help them make great decisions?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to pull cards whenever you feel like it, whether it is to get a sense of what’s the likely influences of the day, through to being at a crossroads and exploring the different choices you can make?

Now maybe you have tried tarot in the past, but it’s just not worked for you. Perhaps you got confused with all the cards meanings, and maybe the accuracy of the reading wasn’t up to par.

It’s ok. It’s not your fault. The traditional model of tarot teaching was from family member to family member and so tarot was very ‘closed’ and shared with people who were described as really psychic.

But here’s the thing. We all have psychic ability, and with the right steps, you can learn tarot and be able to give a clear, accurate and compassionate reading just as well or even better than the family tarot readers.

So if you:

~ have always wanted to learn tarot but couldn’t remember all the cards and their meanings

~ struggled to know how to give a clear description as to the unfolding story within the tarot

~ felt unsure as to how accurate your reading is

~ thought that reading the tarot would be stressful

~ felt that you were repeating what was written in the meanings rather than being able to use your heartfelt intuitive knowing

then this is absolutely the right course for you.

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Let’s get started!

By Starting Your Tarot Journey

You will gain:

Step-by-step learning taken at your own pace

Proven insight into your life, giving you clarity

Preparation and inspiration for your future

Enhanced confirmation of  your inner knowing

Identification of areas of your life that is in need of improvement

Considered decision-making skills,  and gives you a sense of peace after making decisions

A sense of calm so no more worry and stress

Increased intuition

Guidance to the root of your emotions and feelings so that you have a better understanding of yourself

Leaps forward instead of staying stuck

Unlike other tarot courses, you are not expected to have even picked up a set of tarot cards. It’s a clear start at the beginning and I hold your hand through each step of the course.

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Applying What You’ve Learned Means That You’ll Be Able To

  • Look after your cards and work with them accurately and effectively
  • Carry out a 1-card, 3-card, 12 month, romance, career and Celtic Cross 10 card spreads
  • Know which different tarot spreads to work with each person
  • Read for yourself, friends and family
  • Know the ethical and legal considerations in the UK
  • Start your journey to become a professional tarot reader and how to read for others online and face to face
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Zoe Binning


“The course I did with Lana was fab! Not only did I learn how to work with the tarot cards and to give readings, but I also learned a lot more around the subject in an easy to understand, flexible way, in safe surroundings.

I feel very confident doing readings for myself, for friends and family members and I have now done a few readings for strangers as well, all of which have been brilliant and very well received.

I would never have had the confidence or the understanding to consider tarot before, but feel a natural affinity to them and love having this additional skill, none of which would have been possible without Lana’s tutelage and support.

I would highly recommend Lana’s teaching method, skills and reassuring manner and presence as a teacher”

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The Beginner’s Tarot Course Contents

This online course is packed full of mini-videos, mini-tutorials, tips and techniques to get you to the place of being able to carry out different readings.

The course is packed full of pdf guides and resources in straightforward, short steps so that you can really understand each and every aspect of Tarot at beginner level. You’ll also have activity sheets and practice sessions to really help you get the most out of your readings.


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Introduction & Preparation

In this preparation lesson you will have some video and pdf resources that you can download so that you can have a quick reference guide to the cards. You’ll start exploring the cards and looking at the differences- and reasons- behind the Major and Minor Arcarna.


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Lesson 1- Basic cleanse and connecting with the cards

Your first lesson starts with learning how to cleanse, protect your tarot cards. You’ll also learn how to set the right intention and create the environment to conduct a reading.

You will also begin to explore in more detail the Major Arcarna cards.  By the end of this lesson you will have carried out a 1-card reading.

LearnDash Session1 Beginners Tarot

Lesson 2-The 3-card spread and exploring a suit within the cards

In this lesson you will practice the basic 3-card spread and try out different ways that the spread can be used. You’ll also focus on one particular suit of cards- the pentacles- within your pack to gain a deeper meaning of them.

By the end of this lesson you will be able to confidently carry out and interpret a 3-card reading.

Copy of Learn Dash Session 2 Beginners Tarot

Lesson 3- The 12 month and horseshoe spreads

In this lesson you will practice two spreads: the horseshoe spread, and the 12-month spread. You’ll also focus on the suit of cards- the swords- so that you can get a deeper understanding of them.

By the end of this lesson you will have been able to carry out and interpret the horseshoe and 12-months spreads for yourself.

Copy of Learn Dash Session 3 Beginners Tarot

Lesson 4- Tarot ethics and reading tarot professionally

In this lesson you will exploring the UK legal requirements and ethical aspects of tarot readings so that you can feel secure in the knowledge that you are practising tarot in an ethically sound way.

By the end of this lesson you will also have explored the wands/staves suit within the tarot.

Ethical Legal Considerations

Lesson 5- The romance and career spreads

In this lesson you will practice two spreads: the romance spread, and the career spread. You’ll also focus on the suit of cards- the cups- so that you can get a deeper understanding of them.

By the end of this lesson you will have been able to carry out and interpret the romance and career spreads for yourself.

Copy of Learn Dash Session 5 Beginners Tarot

Lesson 6 – The Celtic Cross spread

In this lesson you will practice the Celtic Cross spread. You’ll also focus on the minor Arcarna so that you can get a deeper understanding of them.

By the end of this lesson you will have been able to carry out and interpret the Celtic Cross spread for yourself.

Copy of Learn Dash Session 6 Beginners Tarot

At the end of your 6 lessons you will get a brief feedback form which helps future students, a certificate of completion and some ideas as to your next steps.

Copy of Beginners Tarot Certificate
Beginners Tarot Certificate
Copy of Beginners Tarot Certificate 1

Don’t Forget Your Bonuses



Cleanse Intention Setting Meditation
Copy of Cleanse Intention Setting Meditation

Lana provided me with an hour-long Tarot reading. It was by far the most in-depth and accurate reading I’ve ever had. She has a warm, personable character which made me feel at ease and comfortable in her presence. Highly recommend!

Manon Williams

Amazing lady, with such awesome insight and empathy. The reading rebooted my motivation and I’m now achieving awesome results doing what I do best.

Cheryl Bass

Having a virtual reading is not something I have ever done before. However, Lana explained clearly and what proceeded was a great experience. Lana constantly checked that what she was saying resonated but never asked me specific information. The cards were consistent in their message and again delivered with clarity. Highly recommend ⭐

Louise Davies

Why Buy Beginner’s Tarot From Me?

I’ve read tarot for 14 years and taught hundreds of student’s over the years. I also know what it’s like to be a professional tarot reader for an extremely highly rated UK tarot website run by an extremely well known female psychic.

Having worked as Associate Dean for Learning & Teaching in a Welsh University, I know how to create courses face to face, and online and a blend of both. I have created many workshops, courses, and programmes to suit all styles of learning, at all levels and at a pace that’s right for you. My courses have a high retention and completion rate because it’s important to me that you get all you can out of any course I offer. So I’m on hand to make sure that you succeed.


Lana Morris

You’re Ready for Tarot If You Are

You’re Not ready for Tarot If You Are

  • Excited about learning something new
  • Ready to work with your intuition and supercharge it
  • Passionate about creating transformation for yourself, your friends and family
  • Wanting to read the cards accurately without having a blank mind moment and without feeling the reading isn’t flowing
  • Wanting to move from being a ‘fun party piece trick’ to a respected and knowledgeable tarot reader
  • Open to expanding your psychic skills


  • Haven’t got the patience to learn something new
  • Not willing to develop your intuition
  • Afraid to try tarot
  • Not willing to invest in yourself
  • Not comfortable giving tarot readings
Copy of Copy of Cleanse Intention Setting Meditation

So you can either pass on this Beginner’s Tarot Programme and keep wondering whether you’ll ever be able to read intuitively and accurately for youself, family and friends.

You can see other tarot courses- there are many great ones out there. But all that’s doing is you procrastinating and ‘waiting’ for the perfect course, so you’re delaying and spending hours and hours searching.

Or you can get started right away with a tried and tested course with a proven success formula.

Once you take action, the Universe will conspire to support you and your confidence will start attracting all the right future clients to you.


What happens once I've purchased the course?

You’ll receive an email from which gives you details on how to instantly access to your course materials. Just check spam/junk mail just in case it’s lurking in there!

Don’t forget that your tarot deck will be sent to your postal address so please allow time for the postal/shipping service to deliver this to you.

You can begin your course without your cards, but I would advise you wait (unless you already have a set of cards) so that you get the best out of the lessons. Alternatively take a look through and familarise yourself of the handouts, pdfs so that when your tarot deck arrives you’ve done some prep!

Any problems just get in touch to


I'm not tech savvy- will I be able to get through the course?

Absolutely. I’ve desgined the course to be step by step and click and play so as long as you can use a mouse, you will be able to access all your resources.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have 12months online access from the date of your purchase. You can download all of the lessonss o that you can keep them for as long as you want them

I've never done tarot before and I'm a bit apprehensive- where do I start?

Don’t worry, this is fun, step by step learning and equips you with everything you need to carry out tarot readings. Just start at the first module which is ‘Introduction & Preparation’ and take your time. It’s not a race, just go at your own pace, and move to the next lesson (lesson 1) when you’re completely ready.


How much time do I need to set aside to complete each lesson?

Each lesson varies in time. At the start of each lesson you’ll get a notification about how much time you’ll need for each part of the lesson and tasks. On average expect about 1 1/2 hours per lesson.

There are 6 lessons in total though you will see 10 listed in the learning area. The other 4 are made up of your Introduction and Preparation lesson, your Certificate of Completion, a Mini Feedback Form, and some suggestions for your Next Steps.

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