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Here you’ll find all sorts of resources to help you on your colour journey, explore your spiritual abilities, and access and reconnect with your intuitive knowing.

Articles range from colour meanings, to Reiki, energy healing, reflections, coaching, self help, and spiritual support and guidance.

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Are you wondering what colours mean? Which colour helps you relax? How does colour affect our emotions? Why do people choose particular colours and avoid others?

You’ll find the answers to these questions in this section where we explore and discuss the ways in which we use colour, how it affects us, and what colours to use to draw abundance, love and career growth, and how to remove situations of stress, feeling stuck or going around in the same situations with no change. Click here to access the colours posts.


Reiki is a form of healing where the Reiki practitioner acts as the channel of universal life force energy through touch and distant healing.

It’s a deeply relaxing and peaceful form of energy healing and can be used to reduce stress, rebalance, rejuvinate and provide calmness and peace within.

These blog posts will help you to explore Reiki in more depth and consider Reiki as a healing modality. Click here to access the Reiki posts.


Are you looking for some inspiration? Need a pick-me-up and a lift?

The Reflections posts are short, inspirational and reflective writings which aim to give you offer simple and insightful meanings for you to ponder upon. Click here to find the reflections posts.

Self Help

How are you looking after and helping yourself?

These posts look at ways to self-love and self-care without feeling guilty for doing so.

When you look after yourself first and foremost you are in the best space to help others. So you’ll find a range of posts and tips on taking care of yourself. Click here to see the self help posts.

Spiritual Support & Guidance

You’ll find lots of resources here that can help you make sense of your spiritual journey and find some advice and guidance whatever spiritual path that you are on. Click here to see the support & guidance posts.