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Am I too early to mention the ‘C’ word? 

Yes Christmas Is Heading Our Way!

Weirdly this year I’m actually really excited to be getting ready for the elf season. Normally I am a bit bah-humbug when it comes to gearing up to it and all the stress and anxiety of whether the correct gifts have been chosen or whether the sizes are correct. 

For me, there are two days in particular that I absolutely love with a passion; 21st December and 26th December.

On the 21st of December is Winter Solstice which most of the spiritual community will celebrate as it’s the shortest day in the UK and Northern hemisphere and the longest in the Southern Hemisphere. But this isn’t the reason that I love it so much. 

The reason I love it is because it heralds the slow movement of daylight hours returning to us and I know that it’s a welcome beacon to bring us through winter into the early light mornings and later light evenings.

The 26th December is my favourite day because it gets past the busy celebrations of Christmas Day and all the work to ensure that the turkey is cooked properly and the accompaniments are also on time.  Instead, the 26th is the chill-out Christmas Day where you have all the leftovers either as a buffet or a curry and just pick and mix and relax knowing that you have done the mammoth task without stressing, ingesting, or digesting! And the ‘S’ word is not mentioned at all- no mad rush to get up at 5 am to hit the Sales!

But this year I’m far more excited than my usual, and that’s because last year due to the pandemic, the UK went into lockdown on midnight of 21st December and so all the family celebrations and stresses got wiped away from the Christmas prep to the stress of wondering whether we would be seeing our loved ones in the near future. 

My mum was supposed to have Christmas with me last year, and then go off to see my brothers, one in Brighton, the other in Cambridge. When we heard the news it made absolute sense for her to go with my brother  (who happened to be visiting that weekend) back to Brighton that evening otherwise she would not have seen her grandchildren at all and she hadn’t seen them for almost a year previously. 

This year she’s coming to our house and actually, I’m looking forward to it and being able to create some lovely food (which is unusual for me as I tend to stay out of the kitchen for as long as possible!) and homemade Baileys ( butter me up and I might share the recipe!) and actually put the decorations up this year.

And it got me thinking about gifts too so I’m doing a very blatant plug right here and right now!  You’ll know that the holistic therapies are on a separate page from the pages on Facebook and website as a lot of people over the years were saying that it was difficult to identify that these were ongoing as the coaching stuff seemed to be taking over. 

So the Holistic therapies finally got their holistic health and wellness Facebook page, as well as a new venue to work from. So for the first time ever, e-vouchers – gift vouchers for three Christmas packages are available up here with me in Ogmore Vale, Bridgend, surrounded by mountains and forestry. So it’s a great experience to come and have a Christmas or post-Christmas treat and then explore the Valley and the lovely pub on top of the mountain. And if you’re really lucky you might get to see a sprinkling of snow on the mountains!

So if you are looking for a gift there are three options:

Christmas Bauble: two treatments an express facial and a flighty feet massage- great for prepping for those parties, or post-January detox! £35 (normally £42.50 so a saving of 18%).

No Bah-Humbug!– three treatments to gain peace calm and joy with Indian Head Massage, Reiki, and Reflexology- perfect prep before tackling pressie wrapping and last-minute trips! £50 (normally £67.50 a saving of 26% ).

Christmas Cheer– three treatments for deep relaxation and calm before you look after the family on the big day- Back, Neck, Shoulder with Scalp Massage, Japanese Hand Massage and Reflexology (£80 normally £105.00 a saving of 24%).

The vouchers are valid for up to 3 months after purchase.

Its Christmas time

So if this year you’d like to give the gift of calm, peace, and joy then perhaps a voucher is a festive way forward for your friends or family. Here’s the link if you’d like to purchase and all they have to do is follow the online instructions to book in and redeem their voucher.

And let the tinsel commence! 

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