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The Coaching Packages

Three packages for three key areas:

  • I Am Not My Anxiety
  • Life On The Fence At A Crossroads
  • Through The Dark Night of The Soul

In 2012, when the consultant told me I had leukaemia, I felt that I at the end of the road. I was tired of having to pick myself up again. So I know what it is like to feel like I gave my all consistently performed highly,  yet came away exhausted, depleted, anxious, overwhelmed, grieving, and angry. Basically I was in crisis.

I discovered the power of coaching and self-healing utilising some WooWoo, some great teachers and mentors, and my best ever coach- my intuition.

I’ve learned how to utilise my special wisdom and the heartfelt desire to share that healing with you.

After getting over the initial crisis I became determined to become well so investigated various energy therapies. I trained in pretty much all of them, wove them together with psychological models, and developed my proven, unique philosophy of wellness which will lead you to a dynamic, conscious state of:

    • Clarity
    • Confidence
    • Calm
    • Wellbeing

    My packages and programmes are designed to get you to emotionally dig deep yet the experience and support you’ll receive is fun, empowering, and nurturing, and the results are transformative yet feel effortless.

    You’ll be able to

    • sleep better, stop comfort eating, or not eating enough
    • stop overanalysing
    • stop being tearful and you’ll be able to reconnect without feeling overwhelmed
    • be calm at all times of the day
    • stop worrying about anything that may have been stressing you out before
    • have a sense of peace and clarity
    • feel more confident
    • improve you relationships
    • as though you won’t need to be anxious about anything, ever again

    I can help you refind the confidence to trust your intuition, your body, your spirit.

    You can reach your perfect landing point to charter your new course.


    I Am Not My Anxiety

    8 month package

    • Initial session 90 mins coaching call (virtual)
    • Addition 1 hour coaching calls (7 in total)
    • Email newsletter
    • Monthly Video note
    • Bespoke Calm Meditation (45 min recording) unique to you

    Payment Plan: £223 per month for 8 months or a One-off fee of £1779 

    This package is for you if you are experiencing tearfulness, detachment, anger & resentment, burnout, stress & anxiety, feeling wobbly, emotionally fragile, anxiety & panic attacks, and depression.

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    Life On The Fence At A Crossroads

    3-month package

    • Initial session 90 mins coaching call (virtual)
    • Addition 1-hour coaching calls (2 in total)
    • Bespoke Clarity Meditation (45 min recording) unique to you

    This package is for you if you are mentally and emotionally sitting on the fence totally indecisive, fearful that you might make the wrong decision, tearful, confused, overwhelmed, and angry.

    It’s time to push you off the fence and we’ll face the crossroads together!

    Payment Plan: £184 per month for 3 months or a one-off fee of £549

    Through The Dark Night Of The Soul

    12 month package

    • Initial session 90 mins coaching call (virtual)
    • Addition 1 hour coaching calls (11 in total)
    • Email newsletter
    • 2 Bespoke Meditations (45 min recording) unique to you
    • Monthly Video note
    • Weekly reminder

    Payment Plan £280 per month for 12 months or one of payment of £3,333 

    This package is for you if you are: deep in anxiety, depression, weight issues. lethargy, repetitive negative thinking, sleeping to block out the world, exhausted, frenzied activity, over thinking, over analysing, isolating from friends and family, feeling as though there’s no light in the tunnel.

    So if you feel like you don’t know whether you’re on your ass or your elbow I am here to help you navigate through so that you come into your light with true knowledge of who you are, and having transformed into who you were meant to become.

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    What They Say


    Debi Richens

    I would highly recommend any time spent with Lana, you will come away with a profound sense of change that is so uplifting. Lana is easy to relate to, and with her years of amassed knowledge and skill, she will swiftly be able to tune in and get to the nub of your problem.”

    Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist & Emotional Resilience Coach, Swindon 

    Rebecca Cleverly

    Working with Lana has really helped me to shift my mindset from one of anxiety and low self-esteem to a place of confidence and self-compassion.

    The Awaken Programme provided me with a toolkit to face my anxieties and shift any negativity that was holding me back in life.

    Having daily exercises really helped me to build positive habits into my daily routine, which has helped to keep me grounded and focussed.

    My time with Lana has enabled me to shift my anxiety and self-doubt to achieve my goal of starting my own business, something I have wanted to do for years but never had the confidence to pursue!

    Thank you Lana ❤️ “

    Former Administrator now Cake Business Owner, Camarthenshire

    Christina Littlejohns

    Lana launched her Awaken programme a week prior to returning to work properly after the disruption of Covid and my own personal anxieties were also high, so both combined was certainly overwhelming!

    From the very beginning of the programme, the daily theory and activities to engage with kept me focused on self-care whilst reducing my anxiety.

    The programme helped me to identify where I had major blocks and unhelpful thought processes and patterns which were repetitively playing out in my life, contributing to and keeping me in anxiety.

    Through the group and 1:1 coaching, I’ve really learned how to effectively channel that anxiety to help myself & how it is sometimes necessary. I now have my own personalised road map and toolbox of strategies to draw from daily.

    My anxiety has reduced significantly and the more that if I continue to practise the strategies and use the tools regularly, the less and less anxiety is affecting me. I had never realised how simple and straightforward it could be to overcome something I have battled with for as long as I can remember!

    I’m so grateful to Lana for creating this programme – it is worth it’s weight in gold! Thank you so much for your kindness, support and wisdom throughout!”

    Teacher, Camarthenshire

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