Coaching Programmes

AWAKEN & Odyssey To You

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The Coaching Programmes

Two programmes:

  • Odyssey To You

AWAKEN is a bespoke 31-day programme focussed on getting you into good habits that promote calm, clarity, confidence and peace and -with consistent use- eliminate anxiety.

The programme launched in 2020 and has been described as ‘ground-breaking’, ‘exceptional’ and ‘it works!’

Odyssey To You is a 3 month programme aimed at helping you maintain your inner calm and wellness and takes you a bit further into a mix of spiritual, philosophy of wellness, and advanced coaching, helping you uncover your own inner landscape and how you ‘tick’. It also provides a safe and accountable space with likeminded participants to grow and balance your spiritual, logical, emotional environments.


31 day programme

Awaken gives you the beautiful mix of group and individual coaching and energy work to get to the root cause of:

    • your stress
    • your feelings of overwhelm
    • anxiety
    • not good enough
    • imposter syndrome
    • internal saboteurs
    • wounded healers
    • panic

    Once you have completed Awaken you will:

    • Drop the old patterns and behaviours that no longer serve your unique you
    • Align with your inner self
    • Begin conscious co-creating
    • Cultivate self-mastery
    • Utilise zonal focus

    This online course provides you with a lifelong energy toolkit so that you’ll be able to face whatever is heading to you and embrace it confidently, calmly and purposefully, knowing you have the skills, techniques and knowledge to navigate your way successfully.

    Over the 31 days you will experience:

    • 2 x 30min  1:2:1 coaching sessions
    • 2 x 1 hour group coaching sessions
    • Private Facebook group giving you the opportunity to share experiences, receive support and inspiration from me and members
    • Mini video tutorials explaining particular techniques or methods
    • Awaken workbook & checklists giving you a range of techniques and methods that you can implement at any time in any situation (with a little dash of woowoo!)

This is for you if you know that you are beginning to experience burnout and the symptoms are getting worse. You notice that you’re finding it diffcult to get through your day without feeling miserable, snappy and irritated. You know it’s not ‘your usual way’ of being,  you don’t yet feel you need to take time off, but you’re very aware you’re not yourself and finding it worrying and stressful.

Fee: £357

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Odyssey To You

3 month programme

Odyssey To You provides a 3 month programme of individual 1:2:1 advanced coaching combined with deep energy work to help you:

  • identify and plot your desired focus of direction
  • implement zonal focus and inner alignment mastery strategies
  • understand complexity wellbeing and ‘whole’-istic layering
  • Release shadow energy layers/negative behaviour patterns and implement authentic holographic matrix imprint
  • Emotional resonance mastery and utilising energy signatures to achieve sustained success

Odyssey To You is online but with realtime 1:2:1 individual and group coaching sessions. Over the 12 weeks you will experience:

  • 12 Weekly modules
  • 6 x 30 min 1:2:1 coaching sessions
  • 6 x1 hour group coaching sessions
  • Weekly 45min group catch-up/q & a
  • Private Facebook group giving you the opportunity for accountability, vision and goal planning, energy methods and philosophy of wellbeing techniques
  • Odyssey To You Reflections Workbook, checklist, microwebinars and planner sheets

Odyssey To You runs twice a year in March & September and is limited to 30 people per programme as this is bespoke and unique to you and your path.

Fee: £2,599 (talk with me about payment options)


What They Say


Carol Hadfield

I had a colour coaching session today with Lana. she made me feel at ease and helped me move on. I feel energised and have a clarity I didn’t have. Lana has a wonderful way of helping you find your way. Highly recommended. Thank you Lana

Personal Stylist, Cardiff

Sarah Angel

“Sorry so late Lana Morris, your reading of colours was amazing, thank you so much x it opened my eyes to a few things and released some blocks ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️”


Christina Littlejohns

Lana launched her Awaken programme a week prior to returning to work properly after the disruption of Covid and my own personal anxieties were also high, so both combined was certainly overwhelming! From the very beginning of the programme, the daily theory and activities to engage with kept me focused on self care whilst reducing my anxiety. The programme helped me to identify where I had major blocks and unhelpful thought processes and patterns which were repetitively playing out in my life, contributing to and keeping me in anxiety. Through the group and 1:1 coaching, I’ve really learned how to effectively channel that anxiety to help myself & how it is sometimes necessary. I now have my own personalised road map and toolbox of strategies to draw from daily. My anxiety has reduced significantly and the more that if I continue to practise the strategies and use the tools regularly, the less and less anxiety is affecting me. I had never realised how simple and straightforward it could be to overcome something I have battled with for as long as I can remember! I’m so grateful to Lana for creating this programme – it is worth it’s weight in gold! Thank you so much for your kindness, support and wisdom throughout!”

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