The Colour Meditations (MP3) Collections

Colours have messages for you and by setting aside up to 30 minutes in a quiet and cosy space, you can be transported into beautiful colourful dimensions, cleansing your energy, opening and balancing your chakras, opening your heart, and connecting to your intuition, divine love, and higher spiritual guidance.

Let your body rest and be quiet and help your body absorb the energy of the colours. Allow yourself to receive the insights, healing, and guidance that the colours bring to you.

You’ll find a number of specific meditations within each colour collection to help you gain relief from stress, overwhelm, anxiety, relationship problems, confusion, separation and negativity. These meditations will also help you draw in the energies of abundance, heartfelt expression and communication, authentic power, self nurturing, and divine love, connecting you to love, healing and your higher spiritual self.

There are a combination of free and paid meditations. You can go into any colour collection and find the specific meditation to help you. All you have to do is find the meditation that most resonates with you at this moment, and just click on the meditation.

These guided meditations have a variety of musical backgrounds chosen to support the particular colour that the meditation is focussing on.

The Red & Copper Collections

The red and copper collections invite you to energy, motivation, passion, career growth, abundance and grounding.

Here you will be able to releases blocks around feeling ungrounded and unsafe,  clear issues in relationshops, and release anger, separation, and energy depletion.

So if you are feeling ungrounded, or need an energy boost, click here to learn how red and copper meditations boost your energy levels.



The Pink & Coral Collections

Are you feeling a lack of love, and unable to seek nurturing and self-acceptance? Are you feeling sensitive and needing some TLC?

The pink and coral collections help ease you to self love, and increases the energies of unconditional love, wisdom, self care and compassion.

These meditations are particularly powerful in reminding you of your wisdom, love and caring nature.

Click here for pink, and coral meditations.

The Orange, Yellow & Gold Collections

Warm, vibrant, playful and creative, the orange, yellow, and gold meditations bring in the energy of zest, optimism, alchemy, authentic power, analysis, sunshine and joy.

These meditations clear blocks around shock, co-dependency, lack of confidence, confusion, stress and anxiety, 

Click here to shift out of anxiety and confusion and into fun.




The Green & Blue Collections

Cool, calm and collected, the blues and greens offer space, calm, faith, harmony.

Ranging from beautiful olive through to deep green and sky blue, turquoise through to indigo, these colours will help you release blocks around feeling constrained, stressed, and emotionally numb.

Click here to allow the greens and blues to rejuvinate and restore you.

The Purple Collection

Are you feeling disconnected? Do you fear moving forward? Are you wanting to increase your healing and spiritual abilities?

Ranging from the gentle lilacs to the rich and magestic purple, through to the divine love energy of magenta, the purple collection brings in the bridge between your higher self and higher dimensions.

The purple meditations bring in the energy of infinite potential, spiritual healing and celebration.

Click here for the purple meditations.



The Silver, Platinum and White Collections

Reflective, pure, mastery and clean, the silver, platinum, and white meditations take you on a journey of deep inner reflection. These energies release blocks around being visible, ungrounded, lost, and avoiding.

These collections bring to you the energies of purity and clarity, taking you to a place of unity and perfection and bringing in cosmic light and showering you with cleansing at the highest energetic level.

Click here to enter the mystery of this collection.

The Black Collection

The deep and mysterious black meditations take you on a journey of discovery from hiding to rising like a pheonix from the ashes.

Black energy help release blocks around your shadow side, control issues, fearing your own power, and rousing from hibernation to come into your confidence and power.

Click here to discover the depth and beauty of this collection..



Colour Compliation Collections

Not sure which meditations can help? Here you’ll find compliations of meditations across the colour spectrum with specifc themes.

Each compliation has seven meditations to release specific blocks, or increase particular energies. Whether its increasing abundance, raising confidence, reducing insomnia, or simply rebalancing and reconnecting, these handcrafted compliations will help you discover and explore your intuitive and expressive skills.

Click here to explore the colour compliation collections.