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How abundant are you feeling right now? Do you have ‘lots’? What are your ‘lots’? Is it an abundance of patience, or skills, or wisdom, or something more practical like an abundance of toilet rolls (I’ve got loads, and I’m not sure how I’ve accumulated so many!), or clothes, or books, or an abundance of problems?

Having and increasing abundance relates to three particular colours in colour psychology, but before I go into these in more depth, I’d like you to think about what abundance means to you, and how it presents itself to you in your life.

When we explore colour psychology we not only begin to understand the meanings of colours, but we can also use them to our advantage. Colour impacts on our emotions and we often talk in the language of colour. So a statement such as ‘I saw red’ means I was really angry and in rage. How many of you have said ‘I’m feeling blue’, and by doing so you’re saying you’re feeling a bit down and depressed at the moment? Well in colour language, we can also look at how to attract things in as well as release or repel things.

Most of us are seeking out more. Whether we’re looking for more experience, more skills, or more knowledge, and some of this seeking turns to finances. We are conditioned to live in a constant state of lack, and so our natural inclination is to fulfil that ‘need’ and find ways to feel that we’ve solved our problems, particularly when it relates to our money story.

money growth

So let’s first take a look at the concept of lack and the colours that a lack relates to. Colour has what we call positive and negative attributes and when we see that there is a feeling of lack, this relates to the negative attribute of red. It’s a scarcity mindset and emotion where we believe we don’t have enough- that our survival is at stake, and in our physical environment that may be very true. We may be lacking money to pay the bills, we can be struggling to put food on the table. So how can a colour actually help us in shifting out of a scarcity or poverty mindset into one of abundance?

Well colour alone won’t be enough. You have to be open to possibilities, take opportunities, and apply some effort. But colour can help you on your way to abundance and the three key colours that will shift you from a poverty mindset to an abundant mindset are already staring you in the face. Here are the clues…

What has traditionally been the colour of money?

What additional two colours do you associate with Christmas (if you celebrate it) and the warmth and celebrations of Winter?

(The clues are in the adjacent picture!)

colours of money
Red is the colour of passion, drive, and motivation. It’s a colour of success and inner strength, so using a red purse will help you to have the inner strength to not fritter away any cash. When you use the positive attributes of red, it reminds you at an emotional level that you have the motivation and resolution to succeed.

The positive attributes of the colour green are growth, prosperity, fluidity, and harmony, so green can remind you of the opportunities available to you to create abundance. That may come through decluttering and selling your old items, or going onto resale websites to sell old books, CD’s or DVD’s. You get the benefit of some cash and a space clearing! Using a green wallet brings in the energies of growth.

Gold is the colour of abundance, fortune, quick money and power. Gold is the ability to stand in your power and shift your mindset to one of the ability to overcome the obstacles. You’ll notice that many of our coins are gold coloured, so to add to your abundance use a gold pot to save those coins.

In addition when you have income and abundance arriving apply the 70/30 rule. 70% sits in your money pot or bank account.

10% goes to a savings account or saving pot (use a green, gold and red pot to save and put a mirror underneath the pot to reflect even more abundance).

10% goes to an account that can be used for play- that may be a day out, or playing on stocks and shares, or using it to invest in yourself or something that will give you longer term growth. Remember that growth is green and abundant and brings in the energy of prosperity so put your ‘play’ money in a green pot.

10% goes to charity- so this is your ‘gifting’ or ‘tithing’ and is your ability to give to others. Putting this money in a pink and lilac pot brings in the energy of benevolence, gratitude and the giving to others freely and without resentment. It brings in the energy of grace, giving, and helps the cycle of energy flow of giving and receiving.

The key to using the colours is to shift your mindset and emotions from a poverty consciousness to one of prosperity. So to help you make the mindset shift, try the following.

Gratitude: Though it may feel difficult at first, be grateful for your bills. These are a recognition that you have received something- either a service, or a product. So when the credit card statement lands on the floor mat, thank it for enabling you to have received abundance in advance and be grateful that you have funds to make a return payment.

Thinking processes: Watch your thoughts. When you recognise that you are getting into a spiral of worry about money, acknowledge that you are doing the best you can with the resources you currently have, and you have the ability to, and can increase these resources.

Get practical help: Seek out a money coach, or debt counsellor. Check out comparison websites that can show you how to save on some of the resources you use. Ask for advice on the best way to start on your abundance money story, and look out for support that fits with what you are looking for. There’s an old saying that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. So see who there is around you- maybe a family member or friend who has good money skills and ask their advice. They’ll be glad to help as they’ll be ‘giving’ back to help their own abundance grow, and not just in the area of finances.

Using the techniques above will get you closer to your abundance mindset and I’d love to hear how applying these strategies helped change your money narrative. Please leave a comment below and let me know how you got on with applying colour therapy to your money situation.


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