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Colour Therapy: Grey Meaning

Today we’re looking at Colour Therapy: Grey Meaning as part of the colour psychology explorations.  So I hope you’ll join me on a quick colour journey to look at all things connected to the colour grey. Here you can find out whether grey is really a  depressing colour, what grey means biblically, and what are the generic healing colours.

Is Grey A Depressing Colour?

Well that’s up to you really! It’s your preference what colours you like and don’t like. In colour psychology colours are classed as having both positive and negative colour attributes, so if you look at the negative attributes of the colour grey it’s things like loneliness, depression, feeling moody or emotionless. It could be that you’re ‘boxed in’, uniform, neutral or detached. You come across as indecisive or it could also come across as impartial. 

The positive attributes are that you can be seen in grey as dependable, conservative, conventional, and practical. Grey’s also colour that’s classed as being more formal than other colours; it’s seen as sophisticated, timeless, and classic and if you look in the last few years around home decor you’ll see that a lot of grey has been used on walls and then accessorized with different colours.

Grey is timeless colour that just blends well, so you can uplift a room by having grey on the walls but just changing your accessories to different colours and you’ll get a whole different look. In the positive it’s also seen as strong, being able to be self restraining- so being able to take control of one’s own emotions in a way that is calming- and being able to work with people who might be quite agitated. Grey is a way of being able to be impartial to their emotional ups and downs and be quite conventional and dependable and stable for people.

It’s also a sign of maturity. For example, if you think about grey matter – when you’ve had that bit of life experience and you’re older and, of course, of intelligence- because grey matter means that you’ve got something in there in order to share in terms of wisdom and the colour and grey is also connected to wisdom!

What the Colour Grey Means Biblically?

Biblically the colour grey is associated with mourning and it’s also connected to repentance. It relates to the carrying of ashes is often associated with the time of Lent and also fasting and prayer. It connects biblically with discussions of old age and it also connects to dignity and humility. It’s also worth noting that some colours are different from some of the colours we know now. 

What are Healing Colours?

All colours are healing as we all make use of colours of the rainbow and beyond- such as metallic colours- but if you were to choose one colour that is classed more of healing it would be the colour green. Cooler colours such as the blues, greens, lavenders are far more tranquil and relaxing and so aid healing far more that the bright, vibrant colours such as red, purple, yellow or the warmer colours. 

So I hope that’s given you a brief insight into colour therapy: grey meaning. You can also pop over to the video if you want to know more. If you’d like to know more about colour psychology, having a colour reading, or using colour psychology to help with your branding and marketing, then go here.

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