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Beautiful Colours For your Home

I can’t believe that this exploration of colours for your home is over a year ago and it’s only now that I remembered that this was up!

Last year the lovely James Woodham, the founder of Akiva Projects Ltd that works in Property Renovation invited me to his Property Renovation Podcast where we explored the emotional impact of colour. So, in case you missed it on his fabulous YouTube channel, here it is again. I’d highly recommend taking a look and also having a listen to James’ podcasts as they are packed full of helpful advise and information. 

So if you are asking yourself ‘Can I use blue as a colour in the bedroom?’ or ‘Can I use warmer tones in the Living Room?’ you’ll find out right here.
And while you’re here,  why not take a look at the blog on abundance to help you decorate your office space. We spend most of our time at work so it makes sense to create a space of abundance, calm and growth around you. 

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