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Most courses (aside from  some aspects of Reiki) are delivered online, but there is the opportunity to attend some courses and workshops physically at various venues in South Wales, UK. You can find out more about the live workshops held on line and face to face by clicking here.

Colour Coaching For Beginners

Are you wondering what colours mean and how colour affects our emotions? Why do people choose particular colours and avoid others? What do colours tell us about our emotional state? What limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns can the colours alert us to?

You’ll find the answers to these questions in this first level colour, and by the end of this certificated course, you’ll be able to carry out a colour session for yourself, friends and family.

So if you’re someone who is drawn to colour and wants to start on your colour journey, click here to join the course.

Colour Coaching-Colour Coach

In this level of the course we will be going right into core patterning that clients may be bringing to you, and you’ll be exploring the underlying causes relating to core patterning, how to safely navigate these with the client to enable safe and supportive release of those patterns which are holding your clients back.

In addition, you will be looking at your role holding the space for clients, further ethical issues for you and your clients, and ensuring you are working in the optimum way for your own well-being and that of others. You’ll also look at how you level up your colour coaching business so that you are attracting the client’s who are drawn to the colour services you provide.

Pre-requisites: Successful completion of Colour Coaching For Beginners,  and Colour Coaching – Intermediate. Click here to join the course.


Colour Coaching - Intermediate

Here we dive deeper into colour and explore secondary and tertiary colours, complementary colours and how to carry out a full colour coaching session using the psychological attributes of the colours.

This course expands on Colour Coaching For Beginners, and includes an in-depth consideration of  ethical issues for the colour coach and client; how to use other energy healing modalities alongside colour readings, and takes you step by step into the initial phase in setting up your colour  practice and colour coaching business.

A prerequisite to this course is Colour Coaching For Beginners. Click here to sign up for this course.


Advanced Colour Coach

How would you like to teach colour? If you’re looking to up-skill your colour services and you want to share colour with others to help them create their own colour practice, why not consider becoming and Advanced Colour Coach?

In this course we learn how your colour coaching can attract and support others and look at the role of the Advanced Colour Coach and the support, guidance and advice you provide your students and clients. You’ll also be looking at working with complex core patterning issues and how to help your own client’s go deeper into the release of these.

In parallel you will learn how to level up your business to add teaching and course creation to your services and how to successfully use social media to help you shine and enable future clients to find you.

Pre-requisites: Colour Coaching for Beginners, Colour Coaching – Intermediate and Colour Coaching- Colour Coach. Some experience of social media and marketing would be advantageous. Click here to join the course.

Additional Courses



Reiki 1st Degree

A beautiful, gentle and non-invasive energy healing modality, Reiki can help people’s self healing process, and offers a calm, relaxing and peaceful-inducing experience. If you are drawn to becoming a Reiki practitioner this first level will attune you to the energy of Reiki and start you on your Reiki journey where you’ll be able to enhance your own self-healing abilities.

There are no pre-requisites to this course, just an open heart and mind, and a sense of exploring and attuning to this beautiful energy. Click here to join the course.

Please note that this is a face-to-face course and is not currently available on-line.

Reiki Masters- Part 1

In Part 1 you will receive Master’s symbol and understand how to carry out attunements. However you may be someone who does not which to teach but who wants to fulfil your commitment to mastery of Reiki. This course is all about deepening your Reiki practice and embracing transformation, expanding and enhancing your consciousness and connectedness.

This course works on raising your energy vibration even higher and understanding your own power and self-belief through increasing and expanding your intuition.

The pre-requisites of this course is to have completed Reiki 1st and 2nd Degrees and waited at least six months prior to embarking on this course. Click here to join.

Please note that this is a face-to-face course and is not currently available on-line.

Reiki 2nd Degree

In this course you’ll receive your 2nd degree attunements and begin to learn and use the three symbols in working with energy. This course builds on your foundational knowledge from Reiki 1st degree, enabling you to further develop your energy healing techniques, spiritual development and begin to share your Reiki practice with friends and family members.

The pre-requisite to this course is to have completed Reiki 1st Degree and to have waited a minimum of 3 months before embarking on your 2nd degree Reiki. Click here for to sign up. Please note that this is a face-to-face course and is not currently available on-line.

Reiki Masters-Part 2 (Teacher)

For those of you who have completed Reiki Masters and want to go on to teach your own students, this course focuses specifically on the giving of Reiki attunements and how to attune new Reiki practitioners. This brief but intensive course will assist you in delivering attunements and supporting and assisting your new practitioners in their own Reiki Journey.

Pre-requisites are Reiki Masters (Part 1) which attunes you to the Master symbol and your receiving of the energy and knowledge of the Master attunement. You can complete this course immediately after you have completed the Reiki Masters Part 1. Click here to join the course.

Please note that this is a face-to-face course and is not currently avaiable on-line.

Introduction To Crystals

This beginners course introduces you to the joys of working with crystals, their uses in healing and their properties. It covers how crystals work, locating crystal divas, grounding and protecting, connecting with the right crystals for you and basic crystal healing. The course will also help you learn how to look after your crystals and how to locate the correct crystals for self healing or healing work with others.

If you are drawn to crystals and how they can assist in self-healing and spiritual growth and development, click here to join the course.

Introduction To Your Spiritual Path

The aim of this initiating course is for those starting on their spiritual path who have had some spiritual experiences but are not yet confident to follow their path.

When you first start on your spiritual path it can be confusing as it can feel lonely and confusing. 

This course explore how to determine the signs and messages you receive, how you receive them, what it mean’s to be spiritual,  and how to begin to work with your intuition and energy.

Click here to join the course.

Introduction To Pendulum Dowsing

This beginners course introduces you to pendulums, their properties and uses. The workshop covers how to protect and ground yourself, how to identify the right pendulum for you and how to connect and work with your pendulum. The course will also help you learn how to cleanse and look after your pendulums and when and how you can use them.

This course is ideal if you are starting to explore how pendulums can help you locate lost items, find answers to questions and even to locate the next best location for your holiday! A fun, insightful and practical course, you’ll be carrying your pendulum wherever you go and using it to assist you in tapping in to your intuitive knowing. Click here to find out more.

Holistic Therapy Courses

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