The Colour Psychology of Coral


Today's post looks at the wonderful colour coral.

If you are experiencing a sense of healthy self esteem and self- acceptance, and you are using your wisdom in observing and responding to people and situations, then you are experiencing coral in it's positive sense. It also relates to being able to show your loving and caring side and nurturing yourself and others.

If you are experiencing the negative attributes of coral, you may be feeling under attack and defensive. You may be feeling quite shy and over sensitive to situations and people around you. It can feel as though you are a bit unloved and needing some attention and support.  Conversely, it can mean you become the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons; becoming the life and soul of a party when really it's not your true personality shining through.

Coral is the combination of Red and yellow, so it brings through some of the passion of red, with the joy of yellow, but it can create a feeling of being out of control.

Coral links beautifully to the colour turquoise and when found in this combination, it links to American Indian history and ancestry.

Is coral a colour you can relate to? Let me know how you are experiencing coral.

Have a colourful day!


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