In today's post we are exploring Olive.

Olive connects to our previous post where we explored green, however Olive has some specific and distinctive attributes in the negative and the positive. So let's start by having a looking at the negative attributes of this warm colour.

If you are experiencing the negative attributes of Olive, you'll likely to be experiencing a sense of having no space to think or feel about things, and feeling very overly competitive and needing to prove oneself. It also relates to aggressive leadership, highlighting an imbalance of Divine Feminine Power and seeing feminine power as weak as well as using aggressive leadership due to inexperience and insecurity. It highlights an inconsiderate and envious nature- hence the term 'green with envy'. Olive in the negative also indicates an issue with ego that is not willing to be acknowledged.

However, Olive with its positive attributes highlights renewal, vitality, new beginnings and hope for the future. It's expansive and social, and shows harmony and balance. Olive indicates compassionate consistency, dependability, and the offering of peace (the olive branch). So if you are experiencing being adaptable to situations, feeling practical and self-reliant and feeling generous and kind, you're also experiencing Olive in its most positive sense.

So how do you feel about the colour Olive? Is it one you are naturally drawn to?  I'd love to hear how Olive is showing up for you.

Have a colourful day.


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