Hi everyone,

Picture this. You're developing your website for your business and you want to be able to use tools to help you create your content in different ways. There are so many resources out there to make use of, pdf's , video, podcasts, webinars, all to help you get out there and show what it is you do, and what you offer to others.

But how do you know which ones are the right ones to use?

Are you like me in thinking that it's incredibly confusing when you are first starting out? How do you know that the tools you are choosing to use will help you get your services out in a way that's easy, time saving and of high quality?

Well, one tool I've become familiar with is Google Hangouts, and today for the first time I went live with Mike Griffin- Sales Trainer at MikeGriffinsalestraining.com. The reason for this was to begin to look at the background to running our respective websites and to be able to share not just the content relating to colour, but also the mechanics of creating that content.

Google Hangouts enable you to work either off air and invite someone to talk with via your email contacts , or go live where you are effectively live streaming to anyone out there who has an interest in joining the hangout.

So what did we do? Well we looked at how to set up categories on the menu page in wordpress for our websites and we had a go creating two new categories. You'll see that I've added an 'Ask Lana' section, and a 'My working day' section. I chose to put a 'My working day' section in so that any of you who have an interest in not only showing your services, but also how you create the content to demonstrate your services, can do so by following my blog posts.

We used Ubersuggest to locate colour therapy and colour coaching key words that are searched for in google. This is so useful because it helps me save time identifying the top keywords that people search for when interested in colour coaching and colour therapy.

We looked at how to convert video to an mp3 in youtube converter to create a podcast of the hangout. This enables me to provide my resources in many different formats.

It's the first time I've been live, and I have to say that although I was initially nervous, it was really good fun. I also learned three things about the experience which might be useful to you.

  1. When screen sharing certain technical issues within google hangouts need to be addressed. When playing the hangout back, one of our screenshots wasn't visible. We discovered that we hadn't clicked out of a screen box.
  2. We aimed to convert the hangout audio into an mp3 but discoveredthat anything over 20 mins long can't be converted.
  3. Having some preparation beforehand about how we were going to structure the hangout and talk about the activities we wanted to cover was really helpful because it felt comfortable with doing a brief run through.

So a lot of learning happened today which was incredibly valuable. We decided to unlist the hangout in Youtube because of the problems we encountered but now that learning has occured, it means the next time we go live, it will be so much better!

The learning from this experience has shown me that my blogs posts are two fold. One daily blog post will be about colour coaching issues, and the second will be about the work done 'behind the scenes' to bring that content to you.

One tip I'd like to share with you from my experience of today isĀ  to pop along to ubersuggest.io and type in your keyword followed by 'how to'. so for example I used 'colour therapy how to' and see how many words are searched for in google. Try it for your own area of business. You can download the keywords as a .csv file and from that you will be able to start generating blog posts with keywords that you know people are searching for in relation to your business.

If you feel like it, pop a comment into the box below and let me know how you get on.

Have a wonderful colourful day!


If you don't have time to read just now, here's a pdf for later!


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