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No More Anxiety

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If you’ve changed beyond all recognition

Wake Up!

Before I tell you all about this life-changing 31-day programme, let me tell you exactly who this is for.

This is for you if you’re smart, funny, introverted, discreet, honest and ethical. It’s also for you if you are highly attuned to other people and really ‘get’ where they’re at in life.

You have this uncanny ability to understand what other people are feeling even if they don’t tell you directly. Yet when you sit with them, they will tell you everything that they are going through. You are their confidant and they instinctively know that they can trust you.

You’re highly organised, supremely empathic, incredibly caring,  and amazingly compassionate. You have an attention to detail that most people envy, and you can multitask in a way that would leave most people in awe.

But here’s the problem.

You absorb others’ stress and anxiety, like a dry sponge. You soak up atmosphere’s, other peoples’ energy, and emotion.

And because you’re the calm, collected and sensitive ‘go-to’ person, you’re bombarded with other peoples’ stuff all the time.

Then you get home and you are bombarded with the home stuff too. The dog that’s been sick on the carpet, the dripping tap, the tumble-dryer that’s just stopped tumbling, and the children who need reassurance that the school project is going to be great.

So in a short period of time, you feel overwhelmed, burnt out, anxious and exhausted. Over time it has left you with reduced confidence and wondering if this is all there is to life.

Short-term relief like the bottle of wine in an evening, the chocolate bar, a bubble bath, pillow spray, and mantras are only offering you temporary relief.

As soon as you’re back either at work, home, commuting, or having the in-laws over, you’re pretty quickly back in that space of stress and overwhelm. Anxiety really begins to eat away at your composure and confidence.

So there is absolutely something that you can do to turn this all on its head and emerge, calm, peaceful, relaxed, and confident.

Join me on AWAKEN!

31 days to stop you from taking on all that stuff that isn’t yours and start living your life on your terms; happy, calm, and confident.


AWAKEN 31 day programme
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why this programme & why now?

Right Now Is Your Time

When you are out of alignment and stress and anxiety are beginning to engulf you, it’s time to take action.

Returning to calm, hearing yourself think, and feeling into your own inner being means that you make clear-cut decisions confidently and you become your best self.

Strong, sure, still, and living the life you want.

Finding a clear path to navigate that gives you traction and success. Moving away from technique to technique in the hope that just something will work to an easily applied, overarching roadmap unique to you.

Instead of struggling to keep going and feeling tired,  and exhausted, you’re clear-headed, vibrant, confident, and calm. Your energy is steady, strong, and replenishing itself easily.

No more exhaustion, stomach-churning, or worry.

Having 30 years working with people, a mental health professional background, living with a chronic illness, and experiencing high functioning anxiety in my early adulthood, I totally understand where you’re at right now.

I’m here to tell you that you can have your dream and you can live your best life. So instead of pushing forward, feeling all sorts of resistance, and finding yourself even more exhausted, stop, breathe, and give yourself the gift of 31 days to get out of anxiety and into calm.

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Banish Anxiety

Awaken- 31 days from anxiety to clarity, confidence & calm

This 31 day online programme has already received lots of amazingly positive feedback.  It includes individual and group coaching and it will give you:

  • The best up-to-date tips, strategies and techniques

So that you don’t have to spend endless hours going to hundreds of websites, youtube videos, blog posts, and podcasts to find the things that actually work

  • Learn to recognise your anxiety triggers

So that you can immediately respond to prevent getting into anxiety in the first place

Learn to respond to your anxiety as you’re in it

So that you can immediately and discreetly self-soothe yourself to inner calm, balance, and poise.  So if this is something of interest to you then get in touch

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31 days to calm & confidence

It’s here, it’s ready for you

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What They Say


Mrs. C. Brenan

“I just had a great experience with Lana Morris. She helped shift my energy and it was profound. I read a post from someone else and her response so resonated with me that I just started to cry. This wonderful soul reached out and really helped. Extraordinary and I recommend her highly. Namaste Lana and thank you again!

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Mrs. C. Littlejohns

“I have had several sessions with Lana and have worked through and cleared some really heavy ‘stuff’. Each time I have a session I find myself suddenly moving forward with all the knowledge and tools needed to support me. If ever I am having a ‘lull’ or can feel that I am stuck and not sure of which direction I should be moving in then Lana is my go to every time.  Without a single doubt, this lady has changed my life in more ways than one.  I can’t recommend her services highly enough. The Lana Morris colour experience is something that needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

Mrs. C. Evans

“I have known Lana for a number of years and she is passionate about how to help people improve their wellbeing through holistic therapies and life coaching.  I decided to try Reiki when I was suffering from stress and anxiety at work. Lana has a lovely, tranquil treatment space and I was amazed at how calm and relaxed I felt after just one session. I have also had some life coaching with Lana and she has a unique ability to help you reflect on life in an open and honest way without judging. I am making some really positive changes to my life thanks to Lana’s help and support. She is a genuine, kind, honest and compassionate person and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. “

Porthcawl, South Wales

Mr.F. Ch

“I have had an amazing session with Lana and it has made a lot of sense for me and brought so many things in to focus for me. Thank you so much.”

Camarthenshire, South Wales

Ms. Kathryn Devonald-Davies

“An amazing experience. I don’t know what I expected but this surpassed all expectations. My colours revealed exactly what needed to be addressed and Lana so expertly interpreted and communicated the messages. I highly recommend!”

Partner- DPA Law, Llanelli

Mrs. J. Aitchison

“I would highly recommend therapy with Lana, especially if you are at a crossroads in life or need any help with anxiety or pain.  I had some treatment when I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and the sessions I had were a huge help in the start of my recovery and gaining self strength and motivation.”

Business Owner


Ms. J.

“Lana is very professional in her approach and also very compassionate whenever I have called upon her therapy. She is always spot on with her interpretation of the colours and the thoughts/emotions I am feeling at that present time. Her intuition also regarding the issue is always correct too and she is always able to offer ‘food for thought’ suggestions about how one can change ones outlook towards the situation, which do work. I can really recommend this therapy with Lana as she certainly knows her craft. If you are ready to change your life, then I’d certainly book a session(s) with her.”

Holistic Therapist

Ms. J. Raikes-Shepherd

My first experience today. Loved it!”


Ms. J. Pugh

“I have received a beautiful experience when I went to see Lana for colour therapy and she’s been able to support me to work through some difficult times.  I have also sat on a colour therapy course and enjoyed every minute, learning so much and being able to use it in everyday situations.”

Port Talbot

Miss Megan Mary

“Absolutely fabulous. I’ve been working with Lana for years and she goes above and beyond helping you. Lana’s colour therapy has helped me through a lot, and made me understand myself better and help me with other relationshops.  I urge anyone who is reluctant or doesn’t believe in this stuff to just give it a go because Lana will bring up stuff you know is true thate there is no possible way she could know from an outside source.”

Aurora, New York, USA

Miss H. Niven

Great with Lana- helped gain clarity and left feeling a lot lighter!

Holistic Practitioner, Neath

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