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Would You Like To Continue Your Workplace Success Without Dealing With Energy Drains, Exhaustion, and Stress?

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Are Any Of These True For You?

  • I’m constantly exhausted and snappy
  • I have a lot of brain fog and can’t remember things in the way I used to
  • I’m stressing and anxious about my health condition and my job. I’m hyper-aware that I could be ‘let go’ of at any time so I try to perform even better in my workplace so that they don’t have a reason to fire me
  • I’m careful who I talk to about my health condition in case I’m seen as less effective than my colleagues
  • I feel I’m going to be looked over for any promotion activities because of my health
  • I get so exhausted that my energy plummets to the extent I can’t function and have to get some sleep in order to replenish myself
  • I feel isolated from my colleagues because I worry that I will be seen as the ‘lightweight’ when it comes to taking on extra work
  • I often overstep my own internal boundaries and help others more than I should for my own well-being, and it creates great tiredness and stress
  • I find that I am no longer aligning with the organisation’s values as I no longer feel I have a part to play in their vision due to my focus on my health in order to undertake my role.
  • I’ve heard so many negative stories that when others’ have disclosed their health issues, they were ‘eased-out’ of the organisation and I can’t afford for that to happen to me, so I haven’t told them about my health condition.



What If You Could Continue and Increase Your Workplace Success without This Burnout & Stress?

    What if there were a range of bespoke programmes and coaching packages for like-minded women who are also experiencing chronic health issues?

    What if those employed or self-employed women on these personalised programmes were managing and releasing their stress in all sorts of innovative, supportive and creative ways?

    What if there was a support group accompanying the programmes & packages that provided great tips and techniques, got to the raw and real experiences, is confidential and supremely honest with each other?

    And what if, after the programmes or packages, there was a membership programme exclusively for those women who took action, to keep them in a place of clarity, calm, confidence, accountability and grace, and are absolutely succeeding without the stress?

    What if you joined them?



    Imagine That You Are Saying

    • I’m really energised and joyful- oh and my humour is on fire!
    • I’m clear-headed, and my organisational skills are top-notch which frees up time in my day
    • I’m managing the balance of workplace requirements with my health needs and it’s pretty effortless now
    • I’m open with my colleagues and they respect and support my boundaries which means I’m not taking on energy-draining activities
    • I’m so creative and productive now that I’m being considered for promotion
    • I’m able to do my fair share of the work without going overboard
    • I maintain and nurture my internal boundaries and take time to self-care and do the activities that bring me joy
    • I recognise that I have a strong part to play in the organisation and I can align with their values
    • I have had a great experience in disclosing my health condition and have been fully supported in organising my workday so that I can achieve the success I deserve
    • As a result of this, my homelife  and relationships have really grown and become even better

    AWAKEN 31 day programme

    Do You Stay or Do You Grow?

    In just a few minutes, we can be talking about you and how I can help.

    If you stay, things will change slowly, and do you want to wait that long?

    Or you can commit to your growth by booking the call, having a chat, and discovering how I can help you and how to access the support of like-minded women.

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