Highlighting Your Unique Approach And Gain New Clients


In yesterday's post on getting over the fear of being visible, we explored how to use feedback to begin to make changes to the services you offer.

So does any of the following describe you? You spend huge amounts of time putting out information on your social media sites, but get very little return? You are spending time that you would prefer to be spending on actually delivering your services? You are trying all sorts of tips and techniques to grow your business in the way you want to, but they don't seem to be working terribly well? You're beginning to lose confidence and wondering if you should consider getting a part time job to supplement your income in order that you can continue to provide your holistic therapy or coaching services?

If any of the above describes your situation, then I empathise. It's incredibly tough when you are running your own business to get out there and not only survive, but thrive. All of us have been there at some point, and it takes a lot of courage and perseverance to keep going, especially when you've got bills to pay and you truly love what you do, but it just doesn't seem to cut through to get to the clients you can be of immense service to.

There are several difficulties holistic therapists face in being visible to attract new clients:

  • You don't want to come across as salesy
  • You don't want to have to be aggressive in marketing yourself
  • You think you may need to spend huge amounts of money in marketing
  • You don't want to take time or energy away from the day to day services you provide
  • You don't want clients to feel pushed into receiving a service from you
  • You want the quality of your work to show for itself, and therefore hope clients will stumble across your services
  • You think that word of mouth will bring in enough new clients from the experiences that your existing clients say about your services

So lets take these points to look at how you can begin to enjoy marketing rather than relying on the 'hit and hope'approach.


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