Meditations, Workshops & Intuitive Courses

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Guided Meditations

For every emotion there is an associated colour. Here you will discover how colour can help you release or rediscover an emotional aspect of you. Choose the emotion you feel and find the associated colour meditation that will help you. 

Beginner’s Tarot

Have you always wanted to discover what’s ahead for you? Would you like to delve deeper into your inner knowing with the help of the Tarot? This online workshop takes you through the basics of understanding tarot and how to read  and deliver a basic three card spread, a romance spread, a career spread and a celtic cross spread. You’ll receive guidance notes, mini video tutorials and certificate on completion.

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Beginner’s Pendulum Dowsing

Rhabdomancy (dowsing) is an ancient practice used in many cultures to locate hidden resources such as oil, water, minerals and latterly can be used alongside treatments such as Reiki, Chakra, Aura and energy work.  In this online workshop you’ll be exploring how to use the pendulum and will discover the origin of pendulum use, its properties and uses and how to find out where, when and how to use the pendulum, cleansing and protection, and locate the right pendulum for working with the right energies. You’ll receive guidance notes, mini video tutorials and a certificate on completion.

Reiki Attunements

Reiki is a beautiful gentle yet powerful energy that helps your own self- healing and by helping you release trauma, stress and anxiety.  Attunements are given to those that choose to follow the Reiki path and these are delivered from teacher to student. There are four levels – level 1 enables self healing and understanding of the origins of Reiki and the philopsphy, principles and ethcis and practice on yourself and close family members.

Level 2 enables you to begin offering Reiki to members of the public and covers the first group of symbols.

Level 3- Masters Level -provides deeper understanding of Reiki and additional symbols enabling distance healing.

Reiki Teachers enables you to begin to take your students through the journey of Reiki.  This is a face to face delivered programme and there are times set between each level to enable the energies to be integrated.

You start in sequence- beginning at  level 1 through to level 4 and there is a minimum of 6 months between the start of each level. Students can buy through the website at level 1 only. Further levels information and booking is given after attending level 1.

Energy Packages
Introduction To The Chakras

Introduction To The Chakras

Have you wondered how to help your energy? Chakras are known as our energy centres which help the body in maintaining a good flow of life force energy. We have optimum health when our chakra system is working in harmony. When it isn’t we can experience a range of symptoms. This online workshop introduces you to the chakra system, how it connects to our physical and energetic bodies and how to identify when your chakras are working less optimally and how to clear any blocks. You’ll receive guidance notes and workbook, mini video tutorials and a certificate on completion.

Supercharged Sleep

Coming In May 2022.

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Coming In September 2022

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