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If you have ever experienced a Reiki healing session then you will have experienced music accompanying the healing session. Most Reiki practitioners like to use music to help set the intention, and ambience of the room. Yet we sometimes overlook the music that we are using. Reiki music impacts the Reiki experience for our clients and indeed ourselves.

In this post, I’m going to explore some of the music I use that is specifically created for Reiki sessions. I’m also looking at alternative music that can help balance and harmonize you and your client. I’ll be exploring how the solfeggio frequency can build greater emotional, physical and spiritual harmony during the Reiki session. And if you’re not sure what Reiki is, go here and find out more from my previous blog post.

Reiki Music: Why Use Music At All?

As multi-dimensional beings, we function on more than one level. We appreciate and know the benefits of music: it can uplift and inspire us. It calms us. It can make us laugh and cry. It can create intrigue and suspense and it has the power to elicit any emotion that we feel. You only have to be engrossed in a good film to recognise the power of the musical score and how it helps you express and share your emotions. So it’s only natural that as Reiki practitioners we want to include music in our healing sessions. Music has the power to help us relax and move into a calm and meditative space.

We spend a lot of time locating the right towels, blankets, candles, and smells for our healing rooms. Often it’s not until we try out a Cd or download during a Reiki session that we can decide whether it enhanced the clients and our experience harmoniously.

A few Reiki practitioners that I know actively choose not to use music as they feel they ‘channel’ Reiki better without music that can be a distraction. Personally, I love having music in my space and I find my clients will relax further with the right kind of music.

Specific Reiki Music

No doubt you’ll have come across ‘Reiki Music’- this is music that is often calm, relaxing, and uplifting that either has a higher number of tracks or has less number but longer tracks with a bell or gong sound during the play. This is because the music has been timed specifically to enable the Reiki practitioner to move their hands to the different movements to different parts of the body after a set period of time. Meditative Mind’s article explores this in more depth. I have tried these music ensembles and whilst I love the music itself, I began to anticipate the ‘bell change’ and found myself focusing more on waiting for the bell rather than focusing on the client!

Some music can be via using Tibetan Singing bowls and if you are a Reiki practitioner who uses these then it does lend itself to a deeply calming experience. Equally using a gong bath can be part of the Reiki experience as part of the start or end of the session. Both Singing bowls and Gongs are separate therapies but fuse well with Reiki. I have used the Tibetan Singing bowls within my Reiki sessions and found them to be very successful.

reiki music
Singing Bowls can be used at the beginning, during, or end of a Reiki session. They are also a separate therapy in their own right.

Alternative Music That Can Harmonize and Balance Clients

Solfeggio frequencies (also known as Cymatics) are ancient six-tone sets of musical tones aimed at healing, harmonizing, and balancing. There is confusion as to how many ‘sets’: some say 6, some 7, and others say 9, some 10. More research is being carried out on the frequencies and therefore more are being explored as our knowledge increases. However, I’d be grateful if you are a solfeggio frequency aficionado to perhaps clarify! Each ‘set’ relates to the hertz which is the unit of frequency as measured by the International Systems of Units.

I tend to refer to the 9 Solfeggio frequencies though tap into to and whilst I love the Specific Reiki music, and even the spa and relaxation music, I find my clients really relax more when I’m playing the solfeggio frequencies. The frequencies are well explored in this article and if you are looking to explore them, I’d suggest starting here to get familiar with them.

Using the Solfeggio frequencies as Reiki music has certainly given a much richer and in-depth experience according to my clients’ feedback.

How Do The Solfeggio Frequencies Link To The 7 Chakras?

The lowest Solfeggio frequency 174 Hz has been associated with supporting as an energy analgesic, reducing pain in the physical body, grounding us, and helping us feel safe and secure. It’s very good as preparatory support before moving into the Root Chakra to clear trauma patterns arising from ancestral dynamics.

The next frequency 285hz is said to be the preferred frequency for energy healers for their clients. It helps heal any tears or breaks in our auric field and assists in realigning the Chakras. It’s a bit like a really good ‘catch all’ frequency- general and assistive to our energy field which impacts our auric layers including the physical body.

In terms of the Chakras, and starting with the Base/Root Chakra, 396Hz helps with clearing helps cleanse the emotions around guilt, fear, scarcity, and trauma. Anecdotally, I have also found it can help people talk about their relationships and /or issues with their mothers.

The Sacral Chakra, 417Hz helps creative flow, the release of stress and muscle tightness, and helps make positive changes. I’ve found it has been able to help people who are feeling stuck and directionless to locate something to develop, whether that’s a hobby, a new perspective on their work, or a greater insight into their motivations.

We hold our authentic power in our Solar Plexus/Stomach Chakra and 528Hz helps with relieving anxiousness, helps to rewire neural pathways in the brain, increases joy, and shifts food addictions and food hoarding so this is a good frequency to aid weight loss. I find that targeting this for people who are overly analytical and /or overly focussed on studying helps them relieve the tension of mental chatter and overthinking.

The Heart Chakra resonates at 639Hz  and is the frequency of love, healing, heartfelt connection, connectivity, and intimacy. It enables us to feel and connect to our vulnerability and how we develop and heal so that we create and maintain healthy relationships. Whenever I am using this frequency, I’ve found my clients have a good cry! I have found it a great way for releasing blocked grief in a gentle, supportive and uplifting way.

The Throat Chakra can be supported with 741Hz. This helps people to speak their authentic voice and be confident in their authentic selves. It is a great one for helping people who use their voices; actors, teachers/educators, call handlers. It connects to the sacral chakra in ‘verbalising’ creative thoughts and helps to articulate ideas and thoughts. People lacking in confidence also benefit as this frequency helps them to speak up and feel heard.

The Third eye Chakra has a frequency of 852Hz for reconnection with spiritual and a higher thinking connection to the cosmos. It helps people see themselves with clarity and their own authenticity in their environment.  This frequency connects us with deep dreams and astral projections.

The Crown Chakra has a frequency of 963Hz  enabling us to connect with universal wisdom and the higher consciousness realms. Spiritual channeling, connection to the angelic and ascended masters is at this higher level. At this frequency, we are able to reach the spiritual heights of knowledge, illumination, and wisdom.

3 Ways To Use Reiki Music in Your Reiki Session

  1. Use the pre-prepared CD’s or downloads specific for Reiki
  2. Incorporate singing bowls to help with the Reiki Session
  3. Try the solfeggio frequencies to amplify the healing aspects of the environment

So What Reiki Music Do You Use in your Reiki Sessions?

If you have an interest in using less of the pre-packaged holistic music and start exploring the solfeggio frequencies your best place to start is Youtube as you’ll be able to listen to music based on each of the frequencies I’ve explored above.

Alternatively, have a listen to this lovely album by Spiritual Movement on Spotify.

I’d really love to hear your thoughts about the type of music you are connecting with during your Reiki sessions.

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