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Sea Salt: 4 Quick Tips on how to cleanse your house and self

Salt is so versatile and is a very easy way for clearing negative energy and it’s easy to come by. So here are 4 quick tips on how to remove negative energy with salt, so that your home feels as though it’s had a really good cleanse. Whether you use sea salt (obtained by evaporation of water) or rock salt (already in solid form and mined) you can be sure that your home will feel far more uplifting and calm when you introduce salt into your home.


1. Use saltwater to wipe down surfaces


Salt water is a great way to really clean your skirting boards, walls and spritz into the air. Add salt to a spray bottle and enough water (preferably spring water or mineral water) to enable the salt to easily dissolve. Then spray and wipe down. When I am doing this I start from the top down (whereas if I am doing an energy cleanse I tend to start from bottom up). You can add in some essential oils to give it a great fragrance. Eucalyptus and lemon is a great combination.


2. Use a salt lamp

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Himalayan rock salt lamps are a great way to introduce salt to your home. The lamps provide a very soft warm glow and as the salt heats you have a wonderful natural purifier. It is said to help by acting as a natural air filter due to the releasing of negative ions which ‘grab’ onto pollutant molecules as well as acting as an energetic barrier to electro magnetic frequencies from electronics such as computers and tv’s. Science doesn’t yet support the claim of them being air cleansers, however many (including me) believe that a salt lamp has a cleansing and calming effect.


3. Use salt to cleanse your Aura/ Bio-energetic field

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Sea air is a great health booster and really clears away any negativity that you may be feeling. Natural negative ions help your body rebalance its serotonin levels, improves your mood and emotional wellbeing, and helps you absorb oxygen better.

If you aren’t able to get to the beach a quick pick-me-up is either have a bath with sea salt or Himalayan rock salt, or get a small spritz bottle and spray the air around you with salt water.


4. Use salt to clean your carpets

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Ditch the chemical-laden carpet powders and instead grab some salt and sprinkle over your carpets and rugs -take care that pets aren’t around when you do this. Leave the salt for up to a few hours then hoover the salt up, It provides a cleansing and grounding to your room. It also leaves a slightly ‘salt air’ smell which feels fresh and invigorating- just as if you’ve come in from a long beach walk!

If you have wooden floors, use four small bowls and fill them with salt. Put one bowl in each corner of the room and leave for a day or so. Remove the salt after this time.

Are there any other ways that you use salt to cleanse your space? Maybe you enjoy the soft, gentle light of a salt lamp? Or are you someone who dives into a salt bath to cleanse any energy attached to you that has felt negative?

I’d love to know if there are other ways that you use salt to cleanse yourself and your space. Here’s a previous post showing the 3 quick cleanse approaches I use around my home. Please drop a comment below and let me know!

If this article is likely to resonate for someone that you know, please share! Thank you.

Have a fabulously beautiful day.

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