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An amazing experience. I don’t know what I expected but this surpassed all expectations. My colours revealed exactly what needed to be addressed and Lana so expertly interpreted and communicated the messages. I highly recommend!

Kathryn Devonald-Davies

Partner- DPA Law, Llanelli

Lana is very professional in her approach and also very compassionate whenever I have called upon her therapy. She is always spot on with her interpretation of the colours and the thoughts/emotions I am feeling at that present time. Her intuition also regarding the issue is always correct too and she is always able to offer ‘food for thought’ suggestions about how one can change ones outlook towards the situation, which do work. I can really recommend this therapy with Lana as she certainly knows her craft. If you are ready to change your life, then I’d certainly book a session(s) with her.


Holistic Therapist

My first experience today. Loved it!

Ms. J. Raikes-Shepherd


I have received a beautiful experience when I went to see Lana for colour therapy and she’s been able to support me to work through some difficult times.  I have also sat on a colour therapy course and enjoyed every minute, learning so much and being able to use it in everyday situations.

Jane Pugh

I would highly recommend therapy with Lana, especially if you are at a crossroads in life or need any help with anxiety or pain.  I had some treatment when I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and the sessions I had were a huge help in the start of my recovery and gaining self strength and motivation,

Jo Aitchison

Business Owner, Porthcawl

Absolutely fabulous. I’ve been working with Lana for years and she goes above and beyond helping you. Lana’s colour therapy has helped me through a lot, and made me understand myself better and help me with other relationshops.  I urge anyone who is reluctant or doesn’t believe in this stuff to just give it a go because Lana will bring up stuff you know is true thate there is no possible way she could know from an outside source.

Miss Megan Mary

Aurora, New York, USA

Great with Lana- helped gain clarity and left feeling a lot lighter!

Miss H. Niven

Holistic Practitioner, Neath

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