The Colour Coach

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Colour psychology gives you tools and insights to positively change your relationships, business, and finances.

Stop struggling, start living. See how colour analysis can work for you too.

Colour Reading


  • Available via face to face, zoom, Skype or Hangout
  • Clarifies the issues you are experiencing
  • Gives next steps to solve the issues



  • Available via face to face, Zoom, Skype, or Hangout
  • Creates your coaching plan to succeed
  • Keeps you accountable 



  • Reiki I, II, III, Masters 
  • Holistic Therapies 
  • Colour I, II, III, Advanced
  • Plus more (see Events page for updates)

What's Your Colour Personality?

Why wait to become the best version of yourself when you can do it now ?



I'm Ready!

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