Life Coaching With Colour

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Are You...


  • Stuck and losing courage and confidence?
  • Directionless, uninspired and lacking clarity over your dream or goal?
  • Unable to pinpoint what is causing you to feel a lack of passion for life?
  • Going through the motions of enjoying life yet inside you feel that life is a mundane, repetitive cycle?

I Help


Women who are feeling stuck in life. I help them get clarity on their purpose and sense of life direction.

It means that women who work with me have:

  • Awareness as to what they really want to be doing
  • Clarity as to their true purpose, and the skills and knowledge they want to share with others
  • A step by step plan to achieve their life and soul purpose in a way that is authentic and unique to them






What Is Holding You Back?


You’re likely to feel stuck because….

  • You can’t yet see what your future looks like
  • You’re afraid to leave a ‘comfortable’ but mundane cycle of day to day living
  • You’re worried that making changes would negatively affect other aspects of your life
  • You’re worried about how others will react to you if you were to change

These are all usual and normal reactions. Change can feel incredibly scary, as if you are moving forward without a safety net.


Yet If You Stay Stuck

You’ll always:

  • Wonder whether you made the right choice not to make changes
  • Continue to feel dissatisfied which spills into other areas of your life
  • Continue to have your confidence eroded

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” ~Henry Ford


Are You Ready To Explore How Life Can Be When You Make Changes?

Working with me will enable you to be:

  • In control
  • Confident
  • Giving to yourself and others
  • Excited about possibilities
  • Organised, structured, happier and energised

Failure occurs when you don’t try something different because it means nothing changes, and you’ve settled for something your unhappy with. You can’t ‘fail’ if you make changes, because when you begin to make those changes, you’re now moving forward and seeing all the possibilities available to you.


Would You Like An Exploratory Session?

When you’re ready to make a commitment to changing aspects of your life, I can help. Just contact me using the button below and we can arrange an exploratory session.

Let’s get you moving forward again!

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Core Services


Colour Readings

  • 1 card or 3 card colour readings via phone or email
  • Full colour card reading via Skype or Google Hangouts (approx 60 mins)
  • Helps you identify issues and patterns of self sabotage that hold you back
  • Identifies and clarifies what changes you want to make

Coaching Sessions

  • Half hour or hour sessions
  • Via Skype, Google Hangouts or face to face
  • Sets your step by step plan to achieve the changes you want to make
  • Keeps you accountable to yourself in making the changes


Relaxation Services

  • Reiki
  • Massage
  • Half Hour or Hour Sessions face to face
  • Helps you de-stress and re-balance in order to begin work on the areas of life you wish to change

Colour Reading & Relaxation Services Combination

  • 1 hour full colour reading 
  • 1 hour Reiki/Massage session
  • De-stress and re-balance followed by identifying the blocks preventing you from moving forward



Colour Coaching & Relaxation Services Combination

  • 1 hour Reiki/Massage session
  • 1 hour Coaching Session
  • Face to face 
  • De-stress and re-balance followed by creating a step by step action plan for your new goals

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Colour Card Readings

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1 Card Colour Reading (delivered via phone or email)

3 Card Colour Reading (delivered via phone, or email)

Full Colour Card Reading (delivered via Skype or Google Hangout)

Colour Coaching

What is holding you back? Colour Coaching uncovers unconscious blocks and clears them. It’s a very playful, powerful system of coaching and helps you create a new mindset. Coaching sessions are available as one hour or half hour sessions.

Workshops and Courses

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Pendulum Dowsing

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