Welcome To Life Coaching: Discover The Secret Of Coaching With Colour

Hi. I’m Lana Morris and I help you work through what is holding you back from achieving your success and I do this by coaching with colour. 

Colour psychology explores how we perceive colour and how it affects our behaviour. You’ll have probably looked a life coaching as a way to help you do life better, and for whatever reason you’ve either not yet taken the next step to work with a Life Coach, or you have thought about it but haven’t had the time or you haven’t located the right Coach for you.

So why would Colour Coaching be of interest to you?

Well, if you are reading this you are drawn to colour because it impacts on your emotions. You associate colour with moods and feelings. You’ll be someone who is naturally curious about colour whether that’s around your clothes and make-up, your home decor, your business marketing and branding, or because you see that the way in which we use colour in our language is often a short-cut to our emotions and how we feel about something. You’ll be someone most likely working in the ‘caring’ or ‘helping’ professions, you’ll be highly empathic and tend to absorb other’s energy- often feeling drained as a result of the help and support you provide. You’ll also be someone who naturally uplifts and inspires others’ but often feel isolated and searching for someone to inspire and motivate you, especially when you feel that your confidence has been knocked.

So you may consider Colour Coaching as a way that resonates more than just a Life Coach. Clients who come to me say that Colour Coaching has:

  • Confirmed their intuitive knowing
  • Given them clarity over the problems they are experiencing
  • Helped them develop a clear plan as to how to solve the problem
  • Gained relief from the burden and stress that is surrounding the problem
  • Increased their self-confidence and self- assurance
  • Got concrete results

So what can you expect as a result of coaching with me?

  • Clearer, calmer, more reflective decision-making
  • Clarity over what’s holding you back
  • Greater confidence
  • Deeper insights and clear actions that resonate with you and naturally tap into your strengths and skills
  • Results – you achieve your goal in the way you want to achieve it with full support and resources

I’m passionate about your personal growth and development and I want you to be in the driving seat navigating life in your way rather than be buffeted around by circumstances and feeling you’ve got to react to them.  I help you through colour coaching sessions, colour courses, guided meditations, workshops and live coaching that help you to transform. Click here to book in for a free exploratory call to explore how colour can help you find your inner strength and transformation.

Colour Courses

Are you inspired and fascinated with colour? Would you like to learn how to use colour to help you move from stuck to being in flow?

You can join the colour courses- whether you are an absolute beginner or already an experienced colour practitioner- come and play with the colours in a safe, creative and supportive environment and find out more about yourself and how you can share this knowledge and experience with others.

Each course is filled with replicable techniques that are easily applied to any situation and these methods are demonstrated via video teaching, face to face, webinars, audio, pdf and checklists.

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Colour Coaching

Colour coaching sessions give you tools and insights to positively change your relationships, business, and finances.

The session will give you clear insight into areas of life that are causing stress, frustration and struggle, and clears any emotional blocks in fun, effortless and painless ways.

If you’re looking to increase your performance a session will help you develop your action plan and give you techniques and strategies to go from strength to strength.

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Colour Meditations

Are you ready to step into your authentic power, raise your vibration and let go of the experiences of stress, fear and separation?

Colour meditations can support you in all areas of your life so you can get back to a state of peace and connectedness.

Meditating with colour will help you to relax, recharge and refresh so you can bring increased love, vibration and light to your self-healing and help to others.

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Are you ready to explore personal development? 

These 1/2 day, 1 day and 2 day  workshops cover a vast array of personal development, spiritual, energy, and holistic events where you can dip your toes in the water in order to find your own spiritual home.

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Live Group Coaching

Are you struggling and stuck and want the value of a coach with the support of like-minded people?

If this is you and you feel more comfortable in a group environment,  a group coaching session is for you. It  enables you to regain your confidence through the support of the coach and your group colleagues to make the changes you are aiming for, keep you accountable and share your success.

Group coaching sessions are available as an online group and private facebook group.

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Members Circle

The members circle is a space where you will receive your courses and lessons, meet with like minded colour seekers and receive bonus materials and resources to help you on your colour journey. You’ll get access to the live weekly q & a and discounts on events, workshops and individual coaching sessions.

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The Colour Blog is regularly updated to help you you on your personal development and colour journey, and to help you access and reconnect with your intuitive knowing.

Articles range from colour meanings, to reiki, energy healing, reflections, coaching , self help and spiritual support and guidance. Click here to go to the blog.

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