Lana Morris is passionate about sharing colour psychology  to enable others to remember who they are, and positively change their relationships, businesses and finances.

She loves helping others to step into their authentic selves, removing toxic situations easily and effortlessly.

Lana offers colour readings, colour courses, guided meditations, workshops and live coaching that help others transform their life. Click here to book in for a colour reading, Reiki or colour massage.

Colour Courses

Join Lana for a fascinating, fun and inspiring journey into the world of colour.

In each level of the course Lana takes you from absolute beginner to colour pracitioner to colour teacher.

Each course is filled with replicable techiques, that are easily applied to any situation, and these methods are demonstrated via video teaching, webinars, audio, pdf and checklists.

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Colour Readings

Colour psychology gives you tools and insights to positively change your relationships, business, and finances.

An indepth reading of colours chosen by you gives you clear insight into areas of life that are causing stress, frustration and struggle, and clears these blocks quickly.

The reading will identify what colour you are working with right now, how to call upon the colour to put you back into your intuition and authentic power.

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Colour Meditations

Are you ready to step into your authentic power, raise your vibration and let go of the experiences of stress, fear and separation?

Colour meditations can support you in all areas of your life so you can get back to a state of peace and connectedness.

Meditating with colour will help you to relax, recharge and refresh so you can bring increased love, vibration and light to your self-healing and help to others.

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Are you ready to explore energy healing and self-help development? Are you waiting to find your spiritual path but unsure as to how to locate the right energy healing modality for you?

These 1/2 day, 1 day and 2 day  workshops cover a vast array of spiritual, energy, holistic and psychic workshops where you can dip your toes in the water in order to find your own spiritual home.

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Live Coaching

Are you struggling with a relationship, family or business situation and you’re trying to move forward but you’ve become stuck?

A coaching session helps you detach from the emotional stress, gets you back into your authentic self, and enables you to regain your confidence to make the changes you are aiming for.

Group coaching sessions are also available where Lana cover’s how colour psychology can support your self-help and professional development.

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Members Circle

The members circle is a space where you will receive your courses and lessons, meet with like minded colour seekers and receive bonus materials and resources to help you on your colour journey.

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Colour Toolkit

Find all sorts of colour, energy healing and spiritual development tools and tips to add to your self-help toolbox.

The colour toolkit will give you colour-related resources from other self-help practitioners, and valuable information from other spiritual and energy modality experts.

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The Colour Blog is regularly updated to help you you on your colour journey, explore your spiritual abilities, and to access and reconnect with your intuitive knowing.

Articles range from colour meanings, to reiki, energy healing, reflections, coaching , self help and spiritual support and guidance. Click here to go to the blog.