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I’m Lana Morris and I free you from feeling stuck and directionless, from this terrible feeling that something isn’t right but you can’t quite pinpoint what!

I give you emotional clarity and the freedom that you deserve.

I make you thrive. 

I know that getting  from chaos to clarity is really important to you.  Too much ‘stuff’ is going on in your head, and you need to be able to feel & think clearly so that you can tackle life better.

I get you from feeling emotionally chaotic, stuck and confused, to emotional freedom & clarity.

You’ll see from the testimonials that my clients come from feeling they are in chaos and confusion to getting centered and gaining clarity easily – almost effortlessly.

By using my proven, simple yet powerful system, you’ll experience deep transformation and healing.

You’ll also be able to use this system in all aspects of your life.

You In Your Organisation

 I’m sure you’ve read countless articles showing you that if you are unhappy in your work it spills into your personal and family life. Is that what you want?

So let’s think about the business environment.

Do you feel stuck?

Do you have a clear sense of direction, or are you feeling anxious because you aren’t making any headway?

Are you failing to acheive your work targets and inspite of great effort, nothing is working and you’ve no idea why?

If this is your team, your workforce, your organisation then you need to be asking the following questions.

Are you, your team or your workers stressed out?

Are you, your team or your department really doing what you want to do?

Are you doing what you love?

Are you doing what makes you happy?

Does your work and the environment make you feel fulfilled and happy?

When you love your work, it no longer feels like work- it feels an effortless flow to your goals and you are playful and curious.

So what if I told you I can get you and your team to that playful, curious place, the result that productivity and staff wellbeing thrives ? Instead of feeling like you are on constant catch-up and feeling that you’re failing, you’ll be centered, organised, efficient and clearly able to see not just your next step, but several steps ahead.

Interested? Find out more here.











About Me

I’ve had over 30 years experience helping people.

I’m an international author, and an award-winning business woman.

I’m highly qualified, I’ve also had personal experiences of being stuck, depressed, and highly stressed. I’ve experienced domestic violence, dysfunctional teams,  redundancy, and chronic-ill health. There’s not much that life hasn’t thrown at me.

Now I am thriving.

 I coach people  and organisations who want to get past confusion, overwhelm and feeling stuck to having clarity and being centered. If you’d like to know more about me, click here!

Reiki Master Teacher

Colour Mirrors Practitioner

Ready To Leave Chaos and Confusion Behind?

What are you gaining from staying in ‘stuck’, ‘overwhelm’, ‘chaos’ and ‘confusion’?

Do you really want to stay in that heavy and draining energetic space?

There is an easy yet powerful solution already available to you and you can create, observe, and play with the chaos around you because you are centered, calm and clear. 

Are you ready to take it? 

Are you ready to work without it feeling like a job?

“I have had an amazing session with Lana and it has made a lot of sense for me and brought so many things in to focus for me. Thank you so much.”

Mr. Frank CH

Camarthenshire, South Wales

“I just had a great experience with Lana Morris. She helped shift my energy and it was profound. I read a post from someone else and her response so resonated with me that I just started to cry. This wonderful soul reached out and really helped. Extraordinary and I recommend her highly. Namaste Lana and thank you again!

Mrs. C. Brenan

Halifax, Nova Scotia

“I have had several sessions with Lana and have worked through and cleared some really heavy ‘stuff’. Each time I have a session I find myself suddenly moving forward with all the knowledge and tools needed to support me. If ever I am having a ‘lull’ or can feel that I am stuck and not sure of which direction I should be moving in then Lana is my go to every time.  Without a single doubt, this lady has changed my life in more ways than one.  I can’t recommend her services highly enough. The Lana Morris colour experience is something that needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

Mrs. C. Littlejohns

Pembrokeshire, South Wales

“I have known Lana for a number of years and she is passionate about how to help people improve their wellbeing through holistic therapies and life coaching.  I decided to try Reiki when I was suffering from stress and anxiety at work. Lana has a lovely, tranquil treatment space and I was amazed at how calm and relaxed I felt after just one session. I have also had some life coaching with Lana and she has a unique ability to help you reflect on life in an open and honest way without judging. I am making some really positive changes to my life thanks to Lana’s help and support. She is a genuine, kind, honest and compassionate person and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. “

Mrs. C. Evans

Porthcawl, South Wales

Lana Morris- The Colour Coach: Life & Colour Coaching
Lana Morris- The Colour Coach: Life & Colour Coaching
Are you a stressed out working mum?

Do you often find that you just don’t get any time for yourself?

Do you often feel unattractive and lacking in style, having no time to update your image because you’re running around looking after everyone else?

How would you like to be effortlessly stylish without spending lots of time and money, AND be calm, centered and clear minded even when there is chaos all around you?

We can help you with that!

Join our 3-hour workshop on exploring your inner and outer colours. Go through step by step with award winning stylist Carol Hadfield as she takes you from frumpy to fabulous, and with award winning colour coach Lana Morris as she takes you step by step from inner chaos to clarity and inner confidence.

Last day for your early bird ticket - offer closes midnight tomorrow and usual price will then apply!

Buy your tickets at the link below:

Lana Morris- The Colour Coach: Life & Colour Coaching
Lana Morris- The Colour Coach: Life & Colour Coaching shared a link.
Many people are quick to dismiss the idea that crystals can heal, yet scientific evidence clearly shows that crystals may indeed have healing properties, along with other capabilities and uses.
Lana Morris- The Colour Coach: Life & Colour Coaching
Lana Morris- The Colour Coach: Life & Colour Coaching
I so love this image. It reminds me that the outcome is balance, but first to get to that you have to find the pivot point in order to understand where the tipping point is. Then you have to work out how to get close enough to the pivot that gets you exactly to the point of stillness and balance so that you can build higher.

Do you know your pivot point? Do you know your tipping point? I can help you find these easily so that you can continue to build higher and not topple over! Interested?
Lana Morris- The Colour Coach: Life & Colour Coaching
Lana Morris- The Colour Coach: Life & Colour Coaching
When I'm struggling there are four things I do:
1. I repeat in my head 'this too shall pass'.
2. I clean- so that I can get the anxious energy out- and get a nice space to be in!
3. I find three things to be grateful for.
4. I find the colour bottle that helps me identify what emotion the struggle is connected to. Once I've located that colour I can then look at the subconscious emotion and shift it out.

Over the years I've learned that the quicker I can get out of 'struggle' the clearer my thoughts, feelings and options are and I can stop the incessant mind chatter pushing and pulling between just one option. The colour bottles really help me get straight to the core subconscious issue so that I don't 'sit' in it and angst.

I've also learned that when I am in struggle I tend to isolate myself from others which is exactly the wrong thing to do- but as an introvert it's been my default pattern. So once I go through my four actions, I also seek out company and make sure that I get out and connect with people so that I'm not sitting on my own and constantly thinking about my struggles.

So if you are someone who is struggling today do these things...
1. drop me a message and re-connect, or find a friend and say hi. You don't have to talk about your struggle, you just have to reach out and connect with someone, which will take your mind out of worry for a while.
2.Pick a colour and find out what that colour is showing you in terms of which emotion is the core belief. Once you recognise whether its fear, anxiety, overwhelm , you'll find it's easier to shift- ask yourself the question "If I were to release this emotion right now, how would I then feel?'

3. Share with us what things do you do to help you shift out of struggle?
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