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Lana Morris

Clarity, Confidence & Calm for women managing Chronic Health Conditions
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Were you a super high achiever?

Were you the woman who went through the stages of burnout and ended up with a chronic health condition due to stress, and anxiety?

I know that you would have tried to ‘power through’ but had to take time off due to the development of a chronic illness. Did you return to work for a while but couldn’t align any more to the values of your workplace?  Or did you make the decision to leave, and it left you feeling a bit washed up, unloved, and like you had nothing of value to offer?

If this is you, then I’m here to help.

I am a coach with a professional background in social work and a masters’ in mental health. I have been successful as both a senior manager in higher education and as the director of a social work degree programme at University.

I’m a qualified holistic practitioner and I’m also a member of the Institute of Leadership & Management which is an organisation for those who lead or aspire to leadership roles.

And I manage a chronic health condition which at the time of diagnosis left me feeling that I’d lost my identity, my ability to contribute meaningfully to my community, and was no longer considered employable in case I had high levels of sickness – yep. That was my experience.

So I decided to create my own work and provide coaching for women who experience a chronic health condition who want to find true meaning in what they offer and get rid of the anxiety and stress. All of this by developing bespoke strategies, web-tech solutions and a tiny sprinkle of woowoo.

This is how and why I can help you, and like any great adventure it all starts with your heart, your mind, and your alignment to your personal and professional values.


    you have most of the tools you need

    Embrace calm

    As someone with experience across a range of sectors in public service, I can help you unpack your anxiety, embrace reflective practice, acknowledge and use your intuitive knowing in order to create your transformative and insightful Roadmap.

    My approach is tailored to individual needs so that we can work together on what really matters for you. And it’s ok if you don’t know what to do.

    I can help you find the answers that are buried deep within yourself.

    • You’ll be able to reclaim your identity.
    • You will have more energy and motivation.
    • You’ll have the clarity and confidence to make decisions.
    • You’ll find a sense of inner peace and calm.
    • You’ll reconnect with your intuition and align effortlessly with your values.
    • You’ll be able to draw upon your previous experience, knowledge, and skills to create your new way of being.

    So if you’re wondering what is the next step, complete the checklist and we can chat 1-2-1 over zoom to create your personalised action plan so that you can get to your place of calm and clarity.


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    Do You Stay or Do You Grow?

    In just a few minutes, we can be talking about you and how I can help.

    If you stay, things will change slowly, and you’ll be still feeling stuck – do you want to wait that long?

    Or you can commit to your growth by booking the call, having a chat, and discovering how I can help you.

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    What They Say


    Mrs. C. Brenan

    “I just had a great experience with Lana Morris. She helped shift my energy and it was profound. I read a post from someone else and her response so resonated with me that I just started to cry. This wonderful soul reached out and really helped. Extraordinary and I recommend her highly. Namaste Lana and thank you again!

    Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Mrs. C. Littlejohns

    “I have had several sessions with Lana and have worked through and cleared some really heavy ‘stuff’. Each time I have a session I find myself suddenly moving forward with all the knowledge and tools needed to support me. If ever I am having a ‘lull’ or can feel that I am stuck and not sure of which direction I should be moving in then Lana is my go to every time.  Without a single doubt, this lady has changed my life in more ways than one.  I can’t recommend her services highly enough. The Lana Morris colour experience is something that needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

    Mrs. C. Evans

    “I have known Lana for a number of years and she is passionate about how to help people improve their wellbeing through holistic therapies and life coaching.  I decided to try Reiki when I was suffering from stress and anxiety at work. Lana has a lovely, tranquil treatment space and I was amazed at how calm and relaxed I felt after just one session. I have also had some life coaching with Lana and she has a unique ability to help you reflect on life in an open and honest way without judging. I am making some really positive changes to my life thanks to Lana’s help and support. She is a genuine, kind, honest and compassionate person and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. “

    Porthcawl, South Wales

    Mr.F. Ch

    “I have had an amazing session with Lana and it has made a lot of sense for me and brought so many things in to focus for me. Thank you so much.”

    Camarthenshire, South Wales

    Ms. Kathryn Devonald-Davies

    “An amazing experience. I don’t know what I expected but this surpassed all expectations. My colours revealed exactly what needed to be addressed and Lana so expertly interpreted and communicated the messages. I highly recommend!”

    Partner- DPA Law, Llanelli

    Mrs. J. Aitchison

    “I would highly recommend therapy with Lana, especially if you are at a crossroads in life or need any help with anxiety or pain.  I had some treatment when I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and the sessions I had were a huge help in the start of my recovery and gaining self strength and motivation.”

    Business Owner


    Ms. J.

    “Lana is very professional in her approach and also very compassionate whenever I have called upon her therapy. She is always spot on with her interpretation of the colours and the thoughts/emotions I am feeling at that present time. Her intuition also regarding the issue is always correct too and she is always able to offer ‘food for thought’ suggestions about how one can change ones outlook towards the situation, which do work. I can really recommend this therapy with Lana as she certainly knows her craft. If you are ready to change your life, then I’d certainly book a session(s) with her.”

    Holistic Therapist

    Ms. J. Raikes-Shepherd

    My first experience today. Loved it!”


    Ms. J. Pugh

    “I have received a beautiful experience when I went to see Lana for colour therapy and she’s been able to support me to work through some difficult times.  I have also sat on a colour therapy course and enjoyed every minute, learning so much and being able to use it in everyday situations.”

    Port Talbot

    Miss Megan Mary

    “Absolutely fabulous. I’ve been working with Lana for years and she goes above and beyond helping you. Lana’s colour therapy has helped me through a lot, and made me understand myself better and help me with other relationshops.  I urge anyone who is reluctant or doesn’t believe in this stuff to just give it a go because Lana will bring up stuff you know is true thate there is no possible way she could know from an outside source.”

    Aurora, New York, USA

    Miss H. Niven

    Great with Lana- helped gain clarity and left feeling a lot lighter!

    Holistic Practitioner, Neath

    Ms. Debi Richens

    I have learned many grounding techniques over the years but recently, I have not really connected with them as much as I should, and in doing so I was not feeling the benefit so I turned to Lana Morris for some guidance. I met Lana through a wonderful women’s business group that I am connected to, and as I got to know her, my energy and hers just connected. So I reached out and asked the question, and not only did she resonate with me completely, she knew exactly the right course of action to take. I had been feeling very disconnected from my core, my root and sacral chakra feeling heavy and dull, and the effect it was having on me has been tremendous – you know that feeling of dragging yourself from the swamp and not quite being able to shake it off! We sat together over Zoom on Friday afternoon, and she talked me through a wonderful grounding session that I have never experienced before. The connection with core and soul was so strong that the layers of blockage that I had just peeled away, and I instantly felt lighter and brighter than I had done since before Christmas. I repeated the session before I went to sleep, and when I awoke this morning – I don’t have any sign of the dull heavy sensation that was I carrying yesterday. I would highly recommend any time spent with Lana, you will come away with a profound sense of change that is so uplifting. Lana is easy to relate to, and with her years of amassed knowledge and skill, she will swiftly be able to tune in and get the to nub of your problem.

    Ms. R. Cleverly

    Working with Lana has really helped me to shift my mindset from one of anxiety and low self-esteem, to a place of confidence and self-compassion.

    The Awaken Programme provided me with a toolkit to face my anxieties and shift any negativity that was holding me back in life.

    Having daily exercises really helped me to build positive habits into my daily routine, which has helped to keep me grounded and focussed.

    My time with Lana has enabled me to shift my anxiety and self-doubt to achieve my goal of starting my own business, something I have wanted to do for years but never had the confidence to pursue!

    Thank you Lana ❤️

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